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  1. Just goes to show the problem KaW has with retaining players.
  2. I've wondered about this as well. My guess is that about 50,000 are active 5 days a week.
  3. 35k active accounts in last event
  4. Let's count!

  5. 2

  6. lol 50K not close , probably 10K spenders, 25k free players and some 100K Alts... 100k inactives

  7. That's an extreme over-exaggeration
  8. 3
  9. I vote that there are really about 112 of us with many alts each. Its simple math really....Here is how i Kawculated this number. I have 3,457 alt devices but this is my main of course....I have nothing better to do all day than to run back and forth between devices and KAW. Oh, and of course I have 17 children, all by diffrent mothers along my route. As I stop in for my daily "package" delivery, I keep my children entertained playing KAW.....hahahahahahahaha

    Thats as good of a guess as I could come up with. Good luck getting the devs to respond. I just figured I should entertain you with a story from the short fat bald ugly government worker......
  11. I'm Jesus
  12. Maybe we should do a great census, the first.
  13. No support.

  14. Did this twice with a side alt during the last event with four phases that ended in February. Intentionally only hit 1 warbeast & 1 awakening to get minimum amount of items which combined. 35k both times.

    35k / 3 avg active alts per user = maybe 10k actual unique people play KAW is my guess. Kinda puts getting into the top 10k overall into a different light. :)
  15. The first time:
  16. #freepipebomb