KaWmunity needs to grow up

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  1. But honestly, I'm not seeing why people hate these events?

    If you do constant EBS, you just keep doing them and you get huge rewards?

    If you like to SW, you still get rewards?


  2. Really, Arch? The problem isn't the events themselves. The problems are the frequency of events and how they were all the same for a long period of time.

    It's got nothing to do with how you can continue doing what you were doing before because that's not always true. E.g. Due to the lack of loyalty these days, clans must run 4 ebs for the separate drops to retain their members and to pull in new ones. For me, that means I hit ebs like TSG and I'd prefer to hit AFF. Now I don't have a problem with actual events, and you'd find lots of people don't, it's the frequency and the similarity that's the problem. Plus the previous promos have had a good amount of bars awarded. This puts 'pressure' (for lack of a better word) to participate because all those that do get several free UGs while others are lagging behind because they didn't get those bars.

    It's also got nothing to do with how it's 'free stuff'. I've heard people say this so many times, like it should shut everyone up and no one has the right to complain about anything. Wrong. This has nothing to do with events. So people, stop throw this around like it's what the problem is.

    Frequency and similarity are the problem. The players don't have faith in the devs. They don't believe they care about the game. Rightly or wrongly, all players see are devs looking for some quick cash. And quite frankly, I can't blame people for thinking that. Low land wars and the current event are the only indication devs have given to players that don't dump their life savings into KaW that they're listening. Otherwise it's just events after events after events when people have asked them to slow down for MONTHS. Also, don't say they're listening to the people who like event after event after event. They've catered to them long enough. So how about slowing down for those who don't like the frequency. There's no balance right now. They're not even trying for balance.

    We don't have to shut up because it's 'free stuff' or 'we're doing what we're doing anyway' because in fact this is not true. The problems people have with promos are the frequency and the similarity. Plus, players don't see the devs doing much.
  3. Stop complaining. No support
  4. This sums up my entire rant about events
  5. I'm loving these new variations on the events found a good mix of two ebs to rota for this aqua and inferno event and silver bars really helping my growth
  6. Two points.

    1 it's an age 9 game. Of course some players need to grow up. Let them in their own time. They are kids.

    2 a lot of the feedback, even if not always out constructively. Shaped the last two events you are grateful for.

    I actually enjoyed caravan as well. But I note that a lot of people like myself hated collecting four thingies ( technical term that one ) and "complained". The result one item to collect. More success for players and more that I know personally actually doing better from the events. Regardless of whether paying or not.

    Yes events have room for improvement.
    Pay to play should be reserved for the top level prizes. With the middle ranks attainable with average player activity.
    There must be an incentive for all to play.

    So rather than saying grow up. A frustration I understand. Why not instead of quoting all the bad points. Quote some of the requests that the devs have implemented.
    Thus proving that they do listen even if we only find out when an event goes live.
    Showing the positive aspects may be more productive than this approach.
  7. The events are a good thing for the smaller players and newer players to the game. Obviously if you don't spend money you won't get the best stuff, but those who do are rewarded for it.

    Free to play is still there and is very possible to even get decent tier rewards without spending. People just cry because they can't have the best and don't want to spend in order to get it.
  8. Some people cry because they can't have the best, Sugar. But that doesn't go for everyone.
  9. @AI-CrazyRuggy
    "Frequency and similarity are the problem."

    And yet you also said

    "Due to the lack of loyalty, clans must run 4 (different) eb's for the separate drops to retain members and to pull in new ones. For me that means I hit eb's like TSG and I'd prefer to hit AFF. "

    So is variety the spice of life or not? One of the two reasons you don't like the events is because they are always the same but you prefer playing the same eb.

    A lot of what you said is a complaint about is how so many people complain about not wanting events but yet they continue. But if they weren't continuing by popular demand and the devs weren't making a profit from participation then why would they cotinue?

    Additionally, you say all the free stuff has nothing to do with it but yet I read frequently about how players like archy, op and even myself appreciate the free stuff. You can't just dismiss it when it does seem to have something to do with popular demand. These forums are a very small portion of the entire community
  10. I prefer hitting a variety of ebs. But I like hitting AFF because it pays me the best gold :) What ebs I choose to hit are not the same as devs rolling out content that is all the same.

    And I'm actually not complaining about people complaining about events. I'm explaining what I believe the problem is. I've never said people cannot complain.

    Again, yes devs are making a profit obviously, I never said they weren't and yes there is demand for events. Perhaps reread what I wrote? Nvm I'll repeat it for ya. Some people do like event after event after event. But not everyone does. Devs aren't catering for both sides. They're only running events, catering to the people who like it. Those who don't, don't get a break from it. I'm asking for balance. They're not attempting that at all. We don't have to participate, but there is pressure too. And you can't really not participate either cause inevitably you'll get drops.

    Additionally, I never dismissed people appreciating free stuff. I'm saying you can't use the fact that it IS free stuff as a reason to tell people they can't complain. I don't often see people complaining about that it's free. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen someone say something to the effect of 'Oh this is free, please stop I don't want it'. Everyone likes free stuff. I see people complaining about frequency and similarity.
  11. Support, this community is crying about getting free stuff, you get to chose wether you buy something or not and those who do chose should get the advantage because its keeping kaw free to play without ads running every 5 seconds.
  12. Everyone's loves to say "free stuff don't complain". Why should I be happy about "free stuff". Lots of you people seem to view events and bonuses as great things because FREE GOLDZ.

    Well you know what? I don't give a shart about the devs just handing out ever inflated amounts of gold and equipment.

    Events are not interesting. Events are not creative. They're not even interesting or creative enough to deserve the name event. With their bs "backstories" made by the ATA role play fairies, I vomit every time a new one comes out. Events are stupid. And I don't get any satisfaction by the exponentially large amounts of fake gold being handed out. Receiving handouts and getting shiny stuff isn't what will make this game enjoyable, at least for me. This game has not grown beyond rehashing things to make more gold and then in result, rehashing things to cost more gold.

    And in the end why should I give a crap about these fake golds and swords if a new event will come out in a month that is the SAME GOD DAMN THING.

    Literally the amount of these trash "events" is gag inducing.
  13. While I am against the over abundance of events I will say that at least the last 2 have been short and sweet and aren't laden with more EQ. Steps in the right direction with these last two events devs. Much needed aqua and inferno are always a huge plus. So keep this variety up. I for one am actually enjoying these recent events for the first time in a long a time
  14. @AI-Crazy

    "..I'm not complaining about people complaining about events."

    Obviously you are not. Otherwise we would be in more agreement and so would have nothing to discuss.

    "I'm explaining what I believe the problem is."

    Okay fine. If you would prefer me to use the word "explain" rather than "complain" I will do so.

    "I never said people couldn't complain."

    You mean explain, right? =}

    For your third paragraph response, I stated the devs are A. making money in events and B. are in popular demand. My positive arguments, A and B were were not implications that you believe the opposite so its pointless to respond to them as such. So now, I am going to respond directly to your comment about the Devs catoring so you don't feel the need to repeat yourself and rebuff statements and arguments I never made.

    I agree that the devs are catoring to the crowd that prefers events..obviously. I am saying the popularity and demand is much larger than those who prefer them to slow down. Why do you believe they need to bring balance? If the number of players they are pleasing are much higher than those they are displeasing, then it makes mathematical since that they continue on as they have with no regard to you and those who..EXPLAIN..as you do. =)
  15. :lol: You're the one who is complaining about people complaining about events. I am not disagreeing with the people who are complaining about events. I was trying to explain why I believe people are complaining. My thoughts are it stems from frequency and similarity. My posts have centered around giving constructive feedback and why people feel the need to complain.

    Yes the crowd who likes events might be larger than those who don't. But they could still attempt to balance it slightly to allow for people who don't like it. Have I complained...oh I'm so sorry, I mean EXPLAINED okay? I'm not trying to complain like you seem to think I am. I'd like to see KaW constantly improve. I'm trying to give some constructive feedback instead of comments like 'Screw events I hate devs'.
  16. I love to say "free stuff don't complain". And I also really enjoy watching the same people complain over and over and yet are still here days weeks and months later

    How often does complaining solve anything? Go ahead......ill wait
  17. Thank you for being the voice of reason op! Support.
  18. Id be fine with watching a 30 second add with option to skip at t seconds everytime i load up kaw would generate a good amount of revenue and support the devs who bring us this great game.
  19. We need to encourage constructive feedback. Whether that feedback is positive or negative doesn't matter. Maybe the devs will pay more attention that way. Who knows.