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  1. This thread is posted under the Activities section, since the description says 'Participate in forum games, player events and more.'

    Dear everyone in Kingdoms At War,

    It has now come to my knowledge that another new event has started, with the fact that two new reward tiers of Gilmarant are available-
    25K and 40K. With that, it is now my turn to ask for help from you, the players who play this game! I would like to ask for one player to use a Seal Of the Damned for me, to be granted entry within a HTE Clan. That's right, a seal it is! Of course, I can also ask for it in World Chat but the character limit to type and express my needs is too limited. Hence, I decided to create a new thread!

    Why a Seal Of the Damned?


    I recently have 126 Nobility Points, and I used it to buy a new propack which is called the Hero Pack. This was because I gained some Nobility Points from the leftover Seeds of Samhain that I have. Now, I don't have enough Nobility Points to even buy one Seal of the Damned, and I wish not to spend money to this game. Being a free to play user, I understand what it feels like to aim to grow super fast! The reasons why I asked for ONE Seal of the Damned from anyone is because:

    1) I can not only grab more event items, but also get the highest plunder possible to upgrade my kingdom beyond my normal pace. I have a lot of empty lands, so I can use the land trick tactic to get even more plunder saving the use of some Health Crystals.

    2) In addition to the first reason, I will then have better army which also means I will have better gold economy! I will be able to reach to stronger heights and be able to not only hit even tougher ebs, but also to do more damage to smaller ebs to help smaller clans, as an individual!

    If this were to happen, I would project myself to grow my kingdom by over 5-10 million combined stats up within 2 weeks! That's a big jump to me, and I might even be able to grow by 20 million combined stats in that period of time with my silver bars!


    If none of you wish to lend me a hand, I would happily stay in event rotations and probably aim for a minimum of 2K Favor of Gilmarant so I can get 2K Silver Bar! But if you can help me this time, in which I hope that I would ask for only once in a lifetime I would be able to work my way towards a new tier of a reward, 25K Favor of Gilamrant! And believe it or not, I know that even though most of the items earned comes from my effort alone, it would not be possible for me to earn even more without the help from the Kawmunity!

    I would want to be able to get to a HTE clan and use the seal after the end of PvP Blitz 1 of this event! I have plenty of crux chests to get myself going, and I can give the kind soul my word that I will put this seal to its maximum use. If you can help me, I can promise to you that I will never forget the future kind deed that you may give to me, and should any other player asks me about you I will happily tell them about your positive deed!

    To summarize my purpose of this thread, I ask for a Seal of the Damned to anyone who can kindly lend me a hand once again! This thread isn't of high importance too, so I write it on the Activities section!

    Thank you to everyone who is reading this thread!Looking forward to hearing from you! :D

    Best regards,


    You can accomplish most goals on your own. But to aim for major goals which one person is not enough to finish the mission, you need to work with people to help you achieve that dream you set!

    11 November 2016


  2. Gl, high activity in ebs can replace stupid seals
  3. Hope Someone Help you. :)
  4. Go to clan PPP , help with unlock and you will get 3 free htes
  5. Can I join in on this seal party riding your coat tails?
  6. My god I can't believe someone is asking for this.
  7. /lock
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