Kawing in public

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  1. I was thinking, and I’ve actually never seen any stranger out in public playing kaw.. Idk how many of you have thought or tried to find some random person playing kaw. Maybe you haven’t and i’m just a weirdo. But the point of this thread is, if you have ever seen anyone please share your experience. Where were you? did you talk to them?

    idk this is random but something i’m curious to know lol. Happy Kawing
  2. I’ll play when I’m in lecture but it’s usually to just unload
  3. I don’t think KaW currently has enough people playing to catch a random person in public. We may have x amount of accounts but how many are alts?

    To directly answer the thread never seen it.
  4. Oh good old times, I was 18 and this was 4 years ago. I was on the train in nyc playing kaw and some guy tapped my shoulder and asked me if I was playing kaw  we became acquaintances in the game but haven’t seen him in person since
  5. I've played in public with other people, but only when we met ingame first tbh. Until I made this account I only played on wifi (i.e. at home and select few public spaces), and have never made a habit of eavesdropping (screensdropping? lurking?) on stranger's screens. So it's possible, definitely knew some folks ingame from nearby cities/neighborhoods that I likely passed by at some point.
  6. I have not, however I never peep either at others screens (intentionally)
  7. Come to think of it, in the nearly 7 years I've been playing, I've never seen, nor met someone else in person that also plays Kaw... :(
  8. Nope not ever. Always looked though
  9. Yikes thats cringe
  10. I’ve never seen a stranger play KAW. But... my real life friends and KAW friends are pretty intertwined.  Those closest to me from both “lives(?)”, know each other well.
    So I suppose that’s pretty awesome. Lol
  11. I only kaw when I poop :)
  12. I only read forums when I poop.....makes things smoother.
  13. Like spotting a unicorn .. Or (please insert funny example)
  14. I have had others ask me about Kaw who were players but it wasnt because they were seeing my screen but because there is plenty of kaw specific lingo or jargon and they overheard me talking about it. I also had an employer who would play Kaw who refused to tell me his account name. He knew what clan i was in so i can only imagine i was in OSW with him at the time lol
  15. People may have their flaws but most of us a reputation to uphold IRL. So of course I'm not going to play this game in public.
  16. DONT MEET NOONE FRON KaW!!!!!!!! Not worth the headache
  17. Only people from school at the time. I even got 4-5 to start playing when they asked what it was