kawing in public (face reveal)

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  1. kawing in public (face reveal)

    i am a humble creature :lol:, I guess you could even say i used to kaw before kaw was a thing. bit of a hipster thing to say but this is a 100% true, semantics so let's skip over this.

    the point i'm trying to make is how did i make it from my origins of playing in my little tree house. my home, my pad, my nest. (yes nest I like that word) to playing outside in public and getting my rl squad into our clan MuRdEr InC.

    i suppose it all started with that iphone, laying there on the sidewalk. little worse for wear but I still flew it back to the coop. it wasn't something I typically do either but i was intrigued by the advancements in technology, as prior to this i had a simple mp3 player. all i could listen to was about 10 songs but i tell you those were the days.

    anyway the phone had no password, nothing and after a bit of pecking around i opened the app store and saw kaw. i'd kaw from morning to night, hell i'd even wing it down to the local meet and kaw there. i guess that's where murder inc started. i think i'll cut this tale short. but to conclude lets face it, kawing's what i do best.

  2. earlier draft:

  3. hey do u know what sound a crow makes
  4. I nu it was lame. I olso nu i was gonna waste ma time readin these thread. And yet here i am
  5. I appreciated this
  6. You did well. Very nice.
  7. I was playing at lube shop today while my oil was getting changed
  8. You look familiar. Are we related?
  9. No support not a Dog with a crow costume
  10. I was in murder inc for a long time was my clan and home for a few years made a few clans to branch the murder family out I think one of my baby’s still holds murder llc and raw