Kawboyz Kawlendar 2016

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  1. Well you aren't enough of a villain
  2. 12 months is not enough for all the "amazing" kawboyz...
    Mr. War Dance

    "Lack of effort!"

    Mr. Come at me, bruh!


    And of course kawlendar needs kawlidays. We are proposing Commando Friday! Strip or be stripped!


    Mr. Commando 2016

    If u are reading this, I feel u, man... Not the naked parts.. and not in a pervy way... 
  3. You aren't that new here are you? 
  4. Thank god I wasn't in this
  5. Too late :oops: we found u

    Mr. Intensive Care Bear

  6. Lol this is funny I like frogs and cynders the best.
  7. Mr. Beard is Not too Weird

    ♪Ta-Da-Dummmm...♪300 !!!!
    (Not weird at all.... not at all...)
  8. Oli is adorable ! i know everyone wants to take him home.
  9. You can be my henchman if you really want
  10. Calm ur moobies -V-. I am gonna be the first Villainous Knight :p
  11. I feel so needed.lmao.at least i get an ankle biter title.BWAHAHAHA
  12. Lol so butt hurt, yea I'm totally a guy. 
  13. If you are a guy then im gay
  14. Yes and yes. Support.
  15. Btw, bootsy, putting u in the kawlendar was my idea. So no need to call roni butthurt. Glad u confirmed that u are a dude Now u can go back to ur non-existence.
  16. How much are these sold for ? any special editions with autographs ?
  17. ONE Horn of Claydor!!! Muahahaha...
  18. Lol did I say anything about Roni?


    Y'all are the obsessed ones
  19. U are the one who keeps coming back. Move on, bruh