KAW Wish list.

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    This forum is very simple. Please add what changes would you like to see in kaw. Some of y'all have been playing for 7 years + and have only had two option to play kaw HIT EBS or become a wall warrior. Some might say what about the promo well that a eb buddy.

    So.... back to my wish list.

    I wish KAW would add a more competitive PvP play style. Like acutely entering the keep and fighting in a castle.

    Please add your Kaw Wish.
  2. I wish ATA would create a video Advertisement for KaW like they have for Adventures of Blockboy aka Kingdoms of Heckfire.
  3. If KaW was advertised like it was in 2010-2012, when it was top grossing, the player base would see a huge increase and add a lot to the game.
  4. If they spent some cash on ads that’d be nice, considering they make tens of thousands of dollars per weekend.
  5. For on promos at least(hopefully even normally) for an extra bar to be added on HTE like they do/did on BF, add an extra phase for ZTA at 10%, and an extra phase or two on NK at 25% and 10%. These ebs end way too fast with how much damage is scaling. Make them fast at least a little bit longer. Ty

    Another is to make this year’s ASW KA war only. We all know how last year’s war went...lol

    For ATA to make a kaw roadmap(maybe every quarter or 6 months). So we will know in advance big changes for once in our lives.
  6. Maybe just a 50-100% promo on non-premium EBs would be nice
  7. The misc rebalance should help with the ASW a lot. I don't currently have plans on making it a KA war.
  8. Would you guys consider a roadmap?
  9. Instead of just making it a charms active war...maybe take in feedback from the community with a poll on the forums to see what idk what the majority of people want it to be? Make the only votes that count are accounts in the top 10k accounts/meet a certain cs threshold in order to stop alts from voting. Devs always do things without feedback so I think this would be a solid change. Remember when deepmine came out and you pushed it back by iirc a few months due to community backlash? Can we have some more of that?
  10. Buff uo Furnishings. Stats sucks
  11. New items to spend traders tokens on.
    A marketplace UI overhaul (Misc. is cluttered)
    Trade building tokens (up to Abyss)
    Turn bars into a single 'bank' feature
    Forum games (quiz, riddles etc)
    Random EB plunder bonuses (like a few years ago)
    More daily legends to go with hit 2 ebs
    Skip the dialogue from legends when accepting them.
    Clan legends (like an old PvP event signup, 2 days in and the clan you are in is the clan you contribute to and can still leave n re-enter clan)
    Give normal ebs bonus when nk promo
    Advertise just a little or promote via social media.
    A mentor role (players given resources by devs to help new players - new players are turned off by seeing huge stats compared to theirs and quit)
    Add new showcase types (some are only visible when looking at all)
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  12. 401k but for kaw
  13. Some good ideas
  14. instead of arkosa, can we have snoop dogg?

  15. Lol 401k. Please share your ideas. And support your favorites. Have a wonderful day. NPK 4 2020
  16. A explanation of items in marketplace would be nice, I still got no idea what half these keys/items do!
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  17. A crystal counter wud be nice.
  18. I would like to see a refocus on clan loyalty vs eb hopping. The current structure gives only an incentive to hopping vs grow a clan.
  19. Maybe add a mechanic to where the longer you stay in a clan the more resources you get the longer you stay up to a certain percentage of course so you earn items quicker by staying in a clan and not always hopping around