KaW vs Women

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  1. Is your women bothering you whilst youre trying to play KaW? Are you being pressured into making the ever so tough decision of whether to keep playing or answer to your women's needs??
    Stress no more, because now I have invented the... no, no, sorry, there is no invention 
    I guess we gotta man up and decide ourselves... hours of lazy, relationship damaging fun playing KaW and utilizing all your time to build big stats, or an hour or 2 of tiring, stat-damaging fun with your women??
    I mean.. some KaWers don't want to sleep, let alone get off KaW and pay attention to their missus...
    ITS TIME FOR YOU TO MAKE THAT DECISION (and leave the answer/reasoning in the comments)

    -please be funny and/or creative, nobody cares about boring answers
  2. Is this even a question? KaW fulfills my needs better than women.

    KaW doesn't yell at me when I fail.

    KaW doesn't laugh at my fat body when I strip.

    KaW won't leave me if I lose my job.

    KaW doesn't come with another man's kids.

    KaW doesn't have evil in-laws.

    Women don't come with a block button; KaW does.

    If I get fed up with my woman, I go to jail if I delete her - not the case with KaW.

    If I divorce KaW, and feel lonely and regretful afterwards, KaW will always welcome me back with open arms; this never happens with women.

    Should I continue?


  3. This...exactly!!!
  4. Kaw doesn't cook spicy meatballs though
  5. Hahaha, imitation, great answer, but can KaW cook?

  6. A few ahem "positions" to try..

  7. She took the better computer ?
  8. There are some needs even kaw can't fulfil..
  9. Edited in responses where there is a .
    Please don't cry. 

  10. Haha then I be like..

  11. :lol:
  12. I love this thread.
  13. Why not ask your woman to join kaw?
    "Who is that (insert name here) and why is she posting stuff on your wall?!?"
    "Why is she sending emoji kisses on wc/cc?!?"
    "So this is what you're doing while im watching my soap, you're flirting with other women!!!"
    Do you want to be in THAT situation?
  15. This thread needs more attention.
  16. My missus doesn't seem to think so...
  17. Which is why I do not allow my woman access to my account, lest she discover Deni.
  18. *Did not offend all women on KaW, but thanks for trying to speak for all of us. 
    Cheese's initial post was much funnier. 
  19. And if they join and you buy their Allies... Omg

    Then you wanna help them choose build, they are like... Is my game, i dont need spies.. Dont spend my gold...

    You make them admin and put big EB they dont even hit.. :/

    They like if u hit me in The game you not getting Dinner.... So yup is great when they JOIn...

    But what if The coin Was The other way?
  20. I've told my wife that I'll quit kaw when she quits Pinterest.

    .....still playing kaw

    .........still married

    .............still benefiting from both.