KaW (Valentines Not Included)

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  1. Skip to Tl;dr if necessary

    Today we're discussing advertising and KaWs placement in it.

    Now before we go nuts and start pointing fingers. It's all speculation and we are all smart peeps so let's make smart responses?

    KaW is currently one of the ATA apps not involved in the Play Store's Valentines Day "special" while PiMD and Smash monsters are getting full coverage.

    So what does this mean? (Again, speculation)
    Well it could mean several things.
    1. That KaW's tone, setting and age limit don't allow for the romantic vibes. BUT the same thing can be said about Smash.

    2. ATA care little for advertising KaW and have already achieved a large enough player-base (possible)

    ATA care little for advertising KaW because they already know that KaW is facing an impending doom. (It's only here because people are saying it over and over again)

    This one, I have no clue about but gotta list all the possibilities
    3. KaW has to pay the big bucks to advertise their apps in the Play Store's big advertisements so they chose their lesser known/not as old titles to be displayed.

    These are all the ones I can think of, opinions?

    [If you want pics regarding this, I'll post them here as a request but for now. I can't be bothered lol]

    KaW is not getting coverage this valentines day, PiMD and Smash are. Why is that? Do whatever. Das it.
  2. What's a play store valentines special? Sounds sexual...

  3. ^This is what I'm referring to (see below)

    As soon as you open the Google Play Store you get a screen like this...

    The other ata apps mentioned are within that advert.
  4. I would say that KaW wouldn't go too well under "cute" games, so that's likely their reasoning. SMASH could fit in there somewhere though.
  5. I completely missed that, D4rk :/

    The only thing I can come up with is PvZ is also included in the event.

    But even then the plants are pretty kawaii, yo.
  6. I like it
  7. ^I like the irony (check clan name)
  8. Damn I'm pretty

  9. Kaw doesn't need a sale for people to spend... Y'all spend enough as it is!!
  10. Protoss vs Zerg?
  11. I vote for Privately vented Zebras
  12. Im thinking it to to be because of the lack of players in SMASH and the romantic vibe in PIMD. While KaW is actually receiving a steady growth, flowing in and out of top 100 charts, it is unnecessary to try and advertise and spend big money on a game that is at its full potential.
  13. Player demographic? Apherium will be a lot of KaWers Valentine... 
  14. Fun fact, it's apheriun o_O
  15. Why not just ask ata why they didnt promote KAW? An email is just as good as an opinion forumn.......maybe they did and the check bounced...they will probably pay that bill next month after the current event finishes......or maybe they want to promote this game in July and bring back those "Wonderful" firework pots that some people still use today.....apparently those must have been collectors items and I used all mine in wars......just ask them, I am sure they have a valid explanation....
  16. ^that's no fun
  17. I would like to see us in a Halloween special
  18. Maybe it wasn't eligible, the tone of the game isn't as suitable for valinyines day as pimd or smash