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  1. This is the new dictionary that the community can add to and contribute to by adding words and definitions as used today. A player can put a word or a definition and the community tries to guess what it is. Once guessed we move onto the next entry. Have fun

    Disclaimer......add at your own risk.
  2. A member of the female sex who delights in the pleasures of illicit drugs, espically cocaine of a cheepened baking soda variety that has no money is ?
  3. Off System Wimbledons
  4. Manticore- A failed abortion of a baby lion, after the mother learned the cub would have a fatal disease. Unfortunately, the Manticore survived and continues to look fugly today
  5. Yeah i don’t think this thread is gonna work
  6. Oh I just want to put my opinions my bad
  7. PS1: [noun] A PS1 is a Pure Spy build with 1 (one) attack building. Since that attack building makes this a PS (Pure Spy) no more, the name PS1 is mainly used by noobs and people of weak minds.

    Also see PS and Hansel for further reading.
  8. PS1: a console designed by sony in the late 90s to rival nintendo 64
  9. PS4 PRO: a better version of ps1
  10. Ps1: Secretly a Hansel

    Spybrid: A hybrid build leaning heavier on spy stats instead of attack

    Hybrid: having equal or close to equal attack & spy

    Hansel: Having 34% or less attack to Spy stat ratio

    Pure Spy: Having Zero attack buildings
  11. Now, this is the KAW Urban Dictionary. And, by actually being born before Sony released PlayStation, I recall it being called just that. The “1” was never part of the name. But if that is what PS1 means to you - great! Then I take it you call a Hansel a “Hansel”.