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  1. No support because everyone will be taken advantage of, if you specifically call for an item most of the time you'll pay above the standard deviation. This isn't a definitive proof but it happens all the time to where ppl specifically offer to over Pay because they know it's going to happen
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  2. Anything over face value is overpaying, though.
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  3. One of my old posts regarding the trade of one type of charm to another ie attack to spy attack seals could work here check it out. Also anything over face value doesn't mean it's op is an animal worth only it's cs
  4. Trading this events pillars for Tiarcrann pillars
  5. Same. But I'll overpay cause I don't like this guy
  6. Sad that this game has become a traders market. Next is stoves refrigerators a/c units ect ect.
  7. Right room ebhards candle (x2) for left room bottom right items ideally leani breastplate ️

    Left side throne cool ‘new owl’ ⚡️for lvl 2 throne

    ALL SOLD thanks!!!
  8. Giving Royal Summoners Chest
  9. Looking for mithril equipment that I don't have.
  10. WTB: new event’s chandelier.
  11. WTB: New Royals For This Event Wall Me How Much For Each You Want
  12. Got 200 royal summoners chests. Make offer
  13. Looking for Siege Giant Orb, Vangrants rug , Brandraven workshop wall, and dragon egg.

    Also swap chests for idols 
  14. selling old royal chests! hit me up! :D
  15. looking for a cat, also trading chibis
  16. Have some old chess 
  17. Trading black crown wmyling pet level4/ for rare charms
  18. Willing to buy old royal chests, message me for more info
  19. WTB: Nazak throne. pm me if you’re selling
  20. got a boat load of old royal chest... take them all