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  1. Looking to buy the red fox pet.

    PM 
  2. Buying large thaumalite crystals. Pls pm me if ur selling any.
  3. Buying moth charms any level
  4. Looking to buy a blackcrown wyrmling
  5. Buying spy heavy charms for troop heavy stacks
  6. Selling all my moth charms
  7. Looking for the new scorpion throne ... will trade another older throne for it
  8. Looking for a pet that looks better with my current set, possibly top 10, willing to trade large volume of furniture for it.
  9. 17 royal scarab chests for sale, 1.2m cs each
  10. Paying charms for ally hires.
  11. Buying maxed boots from this event, maxed books, lvl 5+ bows
  12. Buying blood golem pet, got a malphas throne and cow for it
  13. Looking for any pieces of the plague dr set
  14. Buying large crystals for 2bcs maxed stacked charms pls follow
  15. buying for 2.1
  16. Looking for 1 Arcane ravens chest and a royal svathammer chest. Pm me if u have it. Notice that im in need of one each
  17. Taking offers on war chest
  18. sovering box trade for charms 200mcs
  19. Circlet for 2.5b MCS