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  1. What if kaw had it's own time zone, that way we could do away with eastern and German and what ever other time zones there are
  2. That wouldn't get rid of real world time zones. A server time wouldn't be a bad idea, but getting rid of real times wouldn't stop people from having jobs or going to school.
  3. make a KaW clock
  4. I think this was suggested many years ago, ATA never saw it. Either that or they did approve...
  5. No it wouldn't, but at least everyone could synch up in a sense. Would make communication a bit easier imo
  6. KaW has used PST/PDT, for everything except wars. They do give you the war schedule for your IP's time zone.
    Most B2B Premium eb Clans, choose to use the time zone of the clans choice. For things like Entry Stomp's, pass times, etc...

    On a personal note I agree everyone should do there B2B Premium eb clans passes in PST/PDT, do to a lot of players already understand the difference in there time zone that there accustomed to.
    By having 2,3,4 different time zones really confuses more paying players. Then the result is people that are not 24/7 players, or that are aware of all time zones, to lose out or not understand why they've been cleared from a clan.
    Yes People can ask, or figure it out, but most that don't understand WONT. They prefer posting why was I cleared my wall clock says I got here 3 hrs from now, lol they entered in the future .
    Another fun fact, is the scam wc posts: "THEY SCAMMED ME, I SEALED 8 hrs ago and fell asleep, so I should still have 12hrs!

    Sry to rant, but I felt like it 
  7. It was suggested years ago ,By me and I cant believe it only had 1 reply and not even a good one. Like think of cod the clock is the same online for everyone
  8. Tbf this has been suggested many times, not all threads on a given idea get many replies.

    Still though, support as always for this idea
  9. Well look at the time.

  10. This is great 
  11. This might be the dumbest idea I’ve seen in the forums.

    @op, are you under the impression that if there was a “kaw time zone” your local time would change?

    My brain hurts now...
  12. Many MMOs use Server Time (ST) to communicate raids/events and such. imho it wouldn't be such a bad idea to centralise kaw to a particular timezone and we could all work around it.
  13. Hahaha
  14. he obviously didnt mean that, are you really in a position to be calling him dumb here?
  15. Support. A little 24 hour clock running somewhere on app with one kaw time could be useful.
  16. Sync with the current 24 hr world clock
  17. A Klawck?