KaW 'the original'

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  1. Love this
  2. Original KaW is not like people paint it. At the start people hate in actives to hit. Then osf came in with the 5x rule so everyone got some free money. Then clan system was introduced and some brilliant person found u could make mad money warring and forfeiting to the osf side. Then ebs came in Mith rewards replaced gold for system wars. This was when we saw the rise of Ebs. Then HTE/RoTWB came in and we saw the rise of premium ebs. Now we are still riding the wave of bigger and better premium ebs.

    TL:DR version

    KaW was never this free for all place. Yes some might of made it so but it never made a big enough splash.
  3. Umm it's one the best win in the past kinda still is but the whole plunder war was ppl getting around the system to grow and made clans and destroyed them and it wasn't a pay to grow system is was a pay to dominate system. The idea of paying for ebs I feel killed it a bit to stay up with the big dog when it wasn't the case unless fighting lb b4 that now just running something like a haunting won't get u no where. Big part of ppl not staying around is how long it takes to get in the game and if they make it easier then they upset those who have played for years if someone can get into the big leagues in a matter of 3 months when it took many of us 3 years + to get there or stay there
  4. Yes but remember if u joined the game now and saw these stats and we were on the same growth plan as when game started no one would join. Devs made it so new players have a chance to catch up(with some money of course) but still a chance. Pwars was the era of botting and I remember a new person getting the war spoils and being a 4m OSF in a matter of 2day time period. That is like someone today joining and in 2days being 2.6B CS.
  5. Hence the better days. P2w was irrelevant
  6. Man in black yes easier which makes some already feel short changed but they can't make it easy enough that more would stay without pissing ppl off such as bc being 2-3 months like it was back in 2010
  7. Yes but I am ~400$ in and a year later and I hate to say it not even close.( I did take 7months off so guess it is closer to 5months being active)
  8. Good to see gutter and swabia still alive. I agree with both of them, old way was better by far. 2009/2010 clan wars for mith and bfa counted would be good for me!!
  9. For staying on 2 full days if not botting to stay open they can have the war gold they put in massive effort still remember a time one of our osf ran out of pots they came in CC with a umm we are running low on pots and need gold can anyone open back when the space bar still worked lol a time we made the game work for us rather then the devs giving it to us like ebs do
  10. We are talking about before all that fam.
  11. The simple solution is to make system wars pay at least twice the gold of any eb, maybe a winning clan big bonus. I think it would shift things in the right direction. Pvp plunder needs to be matched to at least ebs, otherwise plunder wars just start up again. That brought on ebs in the first place.
  12. Ok maybe not everyone was botting. However account sharing breaks the rules just the same. I know not everyone was doing these things but I know not everyone was clean and could honestly say they did not do something wrong.
  13. When exactly is that? Please do tell because I was here from the first couple of months. So I know what the game was like back then.
  14. Ebs were simpler and allowed for less interaction and bigger paydays. This is why Pwars died. The money was not there anymore. To bring back PvP u would have to make it profitable. So making it even pay would not work u would need to make the pay 1.25x that of EBs if not better. Plain and simple people are looking to grow so if u can't grow doing something why do it?
  15. Support for this any real farmers and osw members would and I also agree with silph need to increase amount of gold U make from pvp so its worth wild to do so and a way for h to earn eq maybe a system like pvp weekends that would give u a chance to gain eq through farming
  16. Before OSF, why is this so hard to grasp
  17. Ver 2.22 Sep 27 2017 - Some things shouldn't change...the NEW WALL Format is seriously a hideous monstrosity what a mess!! undo it APEs immediately people spent years perfecting wall art now the formatting is lost the wall looks like a cemetery with memorial stones - its shocking vivid gaudy crap is a death knoll - if it ain't broke done fix it!! IF YOU HAVEN'T installed ver 2.22 DONT!! - Ajax
  18. Before OSF people had inactives. Might see the random new player attacking or the big players hitting the little guys(seems like that never goes away those one sided battles).