Kaw Story Time

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  1. HEllO kaw

    I'M NPK THE GREAT. I decided to make another forum today. SINCE forums is so HOT and jump in and moderators can't agree on what is allowed to be said in kaw. Kaw moderators must be from CUBA.

    Back to story time. Today story is about KAW Network. You may ask what the heck is Kaw Network i dont see that button on the game. Dont panic!!! KAW Network is this magical place. We're all the kaw fairys live happily ever after.

    You may ask what do these fairy do there. Well sadly I have never been there but I have heard stories about this place. Trust me it real.

    What I was told 800 conversation a hour. Non stop stories about everything magical and how great they are at tooth collecting. They even go on epic quest slaying all the demons in the land.

    But one day.....

    These Noobs thought they had came up with best plan ever. I mean they had there top fairies drawing up battle plans and staying up through the nights. They were determined to come up with the perfect plan.

    What they came up with, was what if instead of going on quest slaying demons. HOW about we quest with the demons. Everyone was so happy. They stayed up all night drinking chocolate milk. I heard they got chocolate wasted that night.

    Then they grew old and fat and died.

    The end.

    FYI: A Apocalypse alliance and Champion Corp alliance KMA alliance n a very secret alliance Members told me this story.

    Do y'all see the bigger picture now.

    This is kaw history I'm preaching.
  2. Interesting. Here to take space <3
  3. Getting drunk on chocolate milk is easy if you cut it 50:50 with Bailey's. And have either an iron stomach or LF milk.
  4. Lol. You must not be one of the mods from CUBA. Thanks for your feedback.
  5. lol sitting in NK Weekend like the fairy you are... well a bad fairy at most considering the clan you're in :lol:
  6. Updated

    I hope y'all can see what game your really playing cuz ur losing if your warring in any kind of way.
  7. tHis iS NecRO BumPIng

    as NKP the great himself would say
  8. You can get chocolate baileys! Very yummy! Not healthy though.