KaW Story Time Game

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  1. Hello It's your "Friendly" Killer haha Today Im back with another game for yall today Its a classic Kinda But wanna put a twist in it so were gonna Make A story But You Can only have 10 Words to use Per Person "I like HotDogs and Chicken because They are very Delicious." Use your wildest Imaginations. Im lookin to create more games That I would Like some help from other KaWers like u Anyways I will Start off MUST BE KAW RELATED

    (REMEMBER: KEEP IT CLEAN Or not lol)

    "Once Upon a time There Was a Kingdom Named Cella!!"
  2. Then cella got nuked by North Korea ending everything
  3. The Devastating Ending of Cella brought the Kingdom Of Silph
  4. And then KaW died.

    Then ATA focused on their game "PiMD"
  5. 10 words only Please
  6. And on PIMD they found lots of RP players.
  7. The RP players made love to mushrooms, and weed e'rday.
  8. No hope Till the rise of kingwongy to kaw's saviour
  9. All of a sudden spragga appeared out of the mist
  10. That was when KaW knew they messed up big time
  11. And spragga fight with the pimd players making them quit
  12. But then Spragga had found an interest in unicorn RP.
  13. Then an attempted game thread failed due to unable readers
  14. So most of the players on pimd died of constipation
  15. And spragga invented a medicine for constipation and ruled again
  16. But then Abraham Lincoln came along and fought spragga.
  17. But then the world exploded horribly. The end. It's over.