Kaw Starters Guide To Growing(2018)

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  1. Starters Guide To Growing

    Chapters (ch)

    • Ch1: How To Make Starting Gold
      Ch2: First Buildings To Get
      Ch3: First Guild/Epic Battles
      Ch4: How To Effectively Hire Allies
      Ch5: How To Effectively Use Legends
      Ch6: Getting Charms
      Ch7: Getting Charms Part 2
      Ch8: More To Come

    How To Make Starting Gold

    One of the hardest parts when you first join the game is getting gold. When I first joined I was confused and didn't know how. But all you need to do is to go into the world chat and say
    " I am new to the game, please could I get a volley"
    This allows people to know that you need hiring so you can get gold. Every time someone hires you,you get a portion of gold it starts of at small and pointless amount but eventually it grows and reaches and 1mil gold each hire. Once you have roughly 30-40m gold you have enough to buy some starting buildings.

    Ch2: First Buildings To Get

    You should now have 30mil gold, go into your kingdom tab that can be found on the home page.
    Start by building only forges and guilds. These are the basic buildings to be your stats up. Once you have filled the whole first area with half and half of these buildings get all the forges to level 3 and the guilds to level 2,


    by doing this people who are hiring you know you are upgrading quickly and they will keep hiring you, which means more gold for you.

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  3. No support, there are guides everywhere. This one lacks structure and isn’t completed. There are epic guides in the forums already, no need for new ones.
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  7. A little out of date!! The average new starter is 6 to 8 mcs in 15 mins max..don't bother building anything except a guild and job done
  8. Says more coming soon not finished !! Please don't waste your time