KaW-smopolitan Issue: #5

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  1. KaW-smopolitan Issue #5
    For those of you that don’t know what this thread is about, lemme explain. A long time ago, I would accept PMs and forum requests involving hot topics or personal questions. I would write a thread like a magazine article and give my opinion and allow you to express yourself towards that topic. I noticed forums is kinda in a slump so I thought maybe some older threads from when forums were great would help.

    This thread will be featuring: Poetry

    Poetry is not a simple 4 line ryhming thing, nor is it something that you can learn overnight. Poetry can actually be very difficult for a lot of people. Word choice, sounds, patterns, subject, these are all important things to think about when writing or reading poetry, but thats not it.

    Words can impact your poetry a lot. Say you talk about throwing rocks into a lake. Rock is a hard word, you think of a ragged and jagged edged block of mineral. Stone is a softer word, is much smoother.

    But, this thread is not to teach you about the art of poetry. But to hopefully become a workshop area. Please feel free to post your own poems, or post your favorite poems.

    Keep in mind: The subject of the poem is NOT always the author. They could be persona poems, or about someone they know, or not anyone they have even heard of. Poetry is not a observation of the person writing.

    A person who writes about alcoholism is not writing about THEIR alcoholism. A person who writes of abuse is not writing about THEM being abused, or being abusive. Do not judge anyone's actual being off anything said in a poem. I will kick you off the thread for that.

    I will also be kicking people off the thread that break these strict rules:

    1. No Trolling/Flaming

    2. Do not insult anyones poetry. This thread is not going to turn into a bash. You can state opinions on how to improve, or state which parts of the poem you dislike. But do not say things such as "Omg that poem sucks ass.", etc.

    3. Keep all poetry within ToU and RaC.

    4. Make sure your poetry is labeled with an author. If you post a favorite poem written by someone else, give their name some credit.

    5. When showing a favorite poem, please tell us why its your favorite. This also goes for posting your personal poems. Feel free to give us insight on your thinking, and what the poem is about.

    Ill post a poem of mine, as well as a favorite poem to get things running.

    My favorite poem:

    The fog comes
    on little cat feet.

    It sits looking
    over harbor and city
    on silent haunches
    and then moves on.
    -Carl Sandburg

    This is my favorite poem because of the first line, and the last. I feel these are the most important parts. It forms a perfect statement. The fog comes, and then moves on. I think he did this in representation of life. Things happen, but you have to move on. Everything that happens in between, while important, is not defining.

    My personal poem: Losers in Love

    The best thing in life
    is being alone.
    No people to bug you,
    no children to cry.
    No one to obey,
    or to grieve when they die.

    Alone in the school,
    some time to think.
    Alone at the house,
    some quiet to sleep.

    No one to eat with,
    no one to care.
    No one to protect you,
    if something scary is there.

    Antisocial disease,
    crippling you downward
    onto your knees.

    You pray for some help,
    and help finally comes-
    In the shape of a someone,
    who had the same song sung.

    You like the same things,
    you like the same sounds.
    You sleep the same way,
    and walk the same grounds.

    Two losers in love,
    and you can finally see.
    The world is not as annoying
    as it once seemed to be.

    I wrote this in my creative poetry class. The assignment was to pick a title from the list on a handout that she gave us, and I chose "Losers in Love". It's supposed to be about this person who was withdrawn, and who liked to be left alone most of their time.

    They took comfort in the quiet that was their solitude. But as time goes on, they find themselves missing the social aspect of life, when they meet this person who is exactly like them, and they find so many other things in common, and they get over wanting to be alone, together.

    Cheesy, yes. I know. But I quite like the thought.

    Feel free to post any material you want workshopped, or any poem that you simply liked to read. I'll be watching over this thread and try to make sure it stays friendly. Good luck!
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