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  1. Lol kawers
  2. worobey, Just STFU! No one likes a remake of a guide. There is a reason there is one STICKIED. ******* idiot. If newbs need help on slang there is a question thread. There is also World chat. There is also Clan chat. There is also YOUR FRIENDS. This isn't going to get stickied and if you keep bumping it you'll get banned for spam so just GTHO. Please.
  3. What's a kaw?
  4. King Alex the Lion
  5. Oopsies.. I completely forgot my last word and put lion.
    Guess I got Madagascar on my mind. Yup.. Yup..

    Good save..
  6. Lol he doesn't even kno what osw meant 
  7. The "stats" you showed are "Raw Stats."
  8. The Frozen City is usually called TFC, not FC. Otherwise good job
  9. The vipers den is actually "TVD" not "VD"
  10. Devs - developers*
  11. I am actually glad we don't have VD in KAW.

    That would be weird.
  12. :arrow: well I got a bit out of it. thanks for going to the effort and hope you can make more on other topics and get more practice. cheers :)
  13. By the time I opened this thread, all the images had been removed. Thus to me, the definition for each and every slang phrase was:
    This person removed or deleted this image.
  14. I like the pictures in this thread
  15. ^yes they are wondeful
  16. Wonderful*

  17. All photos are deleted bud :lol:
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