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  1. op - original post
  2. Wrong op is the person who made the thread
  3. original post means creator of the thread, idiot!
  4. Ohhhh… more butt hurt
  5. I've never thought I'd say this, but there is TOO MUCH effort in this thread.
    Too many images making there too much scrolling.
    All there needs to be is a clear list of words and definitions.
    I do like to see effort in a thread, but with respect I must say please reduce the effort and just make it clear.
  6. BUTTHURT!!!!!
  7. OP
    Means different to different people. I use it in both contexts, such as 'the OP is a noob' or 'the OP is full of clutter'
  8. Both are correct for this thread xD
  9. I sure hope your last butt hurt post is not directed at my post. My post was with respect towards you.
  10. It is not enjoyable scrolling through 2000 pictures.
  12. this is so interesting seeing a mentally challenged op attempt to troll the responders :lol:
  13. Fairly interesting huh? Shame he's a small hansel/hybrid build just like anyone else who tries not to be hit.
  14. interesting as in like a person falling which is sad but funny (for a grown man)
    or for a child saying weiner and they burst out laughing, to them funny but sad cuz theyre immature
  15. Your guide sucks. Maybe you should re-read the other one, *****. Will you please stop trying to provoke anger in other people, *****? Whoever said it was right, OP is mentally challenged. If you think you are being helpful, I am here to let you know, you are a complete dumbass and there IS a guide so there was NO POINT in making this, *****.
  16. to me since im relatively new to forums and havent seen other slang guides it is a good post, but the fact that op is ****ing around so much ruins his and the thread's image
  17. Honestly, no one needs a "guide" on KaW slang. They are obviously obvious.
  18. Yes this is for noobs not everyday kawera
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.