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  1. The world is not only for the rich...the rich plays their part and the common people plays their roles...the game has been dominated by the rich for so long already...most of my friends has left coz all their hardwork goes in vain,60% of my friendly has gone inactive,most of their CS is big and they are still strong enough to leave kaw coz they realise it's a waste of time regardless of all the hard works,the game isn't good enough to convince them to hold them back and I was one of them...the rich ones grows so fast and while the other hyber active players plays 24hours and didn't get what they deserve...this game should be a place for both the rich and the poor...this game needs the so called "BALANCE"...the price of nobility should reduce too then more people can afford it...and the quest should pay more rewards...the possibility rate of getting rewards must increase too...

    One day I told a friend it's not always the big guns we need...I value loyalty more...the same way kaw should respect the dedicated players...dear devs it's not always the money u need,pay attention to the other side too sometimes ☺

    I'm satisfied with the game...it's just I don't wanna lose this game someday when the rich player get tired of it...

  2. No...no...no...The...world...is...for...the...rich
  3. ATA wants to cater to those who pay. There's nothing we can do to stop or change it. But then again, what business doesn't?
  4. OK OP thanks for your input. I'll have a word with ATA and have them rectify this immediately.
  5. It used to be, then they realised this game was going to die and just made it pay to win and left it to die with events and little resources dedicated to it. Dont blame them though, the style of game kaw is just isn't as popular as it once was since phones can support better and better game types
  6. To be fair the devs have made it a far better place for free players than it was 1-2 years ago
  7. The world is tge buffet for The Rich. Suck it up, buttercup.
  8. I'd say they should improve more still...looks like the free players still deserves more...
  9. We're on it. In fact you should go ahead and update meow, thanks.
  10. Just another gimme gimme thread.
    Ops do u do anything other than hit eb's?
  11. What's meow?...can u be more specific?
  12. Meow = now.

    It might take a bit for it to show up in the Appstore world wide but it's released and propagating to all the stores.
  14. Sure! Will check it out on playstore...but the developer should focus more on how to improve kaw first...
  15. That's crazy! You adjusted the colour scheme on the lowlands. What an overhaul. New players will be joining in their droves now 

  16. Thanks bud. You make the world a better place with your enthusiasm. Have a great day.
  17. Seriously op dry your eye man mark an the rest of ata got bills to pay... I mean those bugattis ain't gonna polish themselves eh Mark? But in all seriousness there are players in lb who don't spend much it's all about how they play an when to pay. There is a place for all in kaw lbs all smack harb an everyone else hits everyone else.
  19. I prefer bicycles personally.

    In all seriousness though, we are going to use build tokens and some rebalancing to help address what some players refer to as 'the Great Gap'.