KAW Roadmap Update - January 27th

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by admin, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing.
  2. Still war war crystals come on
  3. Spy Banner ?
  4. Stop necrobumping. For a second I thought I overslept for over a month....
  5. i wouldn't call this a nercro bump. i think its good to remind people what kaw promised and didn't deliver this year.

  6. Thanks Word. I thought necrobumping was like bumping old threads. My b.
  7. the parts that bug me the most are:

    - Equipment drops for new players
    - better early player experience

    seriously how hard is it to to make some little garbage eq candy for the little ones? just make some little dinky stat eq for the low tier ebs so they feel like they are getting rewarded.

    and i understand that making kaw more accessible for new players is a bit more difficult, but it really needs to be done.
  8. bumping "dead" threads. this thread should be kept on life support until kaw addresses the lack of progress.

    you don't call bumps of old guides "necrobumps", do ya?

    well do ya?
  10. What about the login rewards word? Not agitated that those aren't implemented? I am.
  11. i don't really give a poo about getting more free stuff. sure, it would be nice. but it isn't something that kaw "needs".
  12. No more Lands and Units plis 

  13. Support to this
  14. Things that didn't happen.
    Improved PvP
    Spy banner
    Improve new player experience

    It took a whole year for various eb hunts and 1 PvP hunt and a few EE improvements. Congrats devs
  15. 
  16. Ty devsbut please start season 5 soon
  17. Still waiting. You guys said late 2014... It's late.
  18. Why keep clan structures for the long run? I mean we've been waiting on that forever. It was promised in the beginning of 2014 for the end of the year. Nothing yet. Nor did we hear anything about it until now and then you say that it's for long run. We've been waiting forever. It's something that everyone wants. It's supposed to be #1 or #2 on your list, also because it was promised for 2014.
  19. Also they didn't do war crystals or improved clan structures
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Not open for further replies.