KAW PVP Needs HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by nerds_play_kaw, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. I make more gold in a day than your build cost. Literally you are less than 500m cs and make what, 3T a day? Stupid noob.

    Edit: I'm just tapping on a game where you can literally only tap. Wow. Disappointing.

    Edit: My move was to transfer a bunch of charms to my alt to watch you fail more in my newsfeed on the rare occurrence that you try to hit me.
  2. i pin your whole clan with ease and still i do not receive inc? how did you become the greatest though?
  4. Dude, Pure Evil kicked you because you were ruining the clan's return.

    They had just revived the clan and then you go spouting nonsense in forums.


    Don't lie
  5. Clan return lmao.

    Like I said who said I was kicked.
    Does lying make u feel better?

    PURE EVIL will never die in kaw. There the only reason why kingdom at war can put war in game title.

    The rest of u are a bunch of role playing players.
  6. at least the role players hit i guess... and the hardcore PVPers (suchas yourself) make up hits

  7. Can confirm

    X has 2 year 17k battle losses, not shabby
    Nerds has 7 year with a pathetic 7k
  8. If you average out his battlelosses over his entire kawreer its about 3 hits a day

  9. That cuz I'm acutely good at warring lmao. You Cleary are not.

    Xoxo has admitted he plays with him self. So that count u see n make u think he a kaw warrior is really him just hitting him self.
  10. Dude you're a hansel who claims to PvP so you should have battle losses. I have 23k over 7 years which isn't amazing but I don't claim to be someone who farms 24/7.

    At this point you're either trolling or are just stupid.
  11. Your so far into ur role playing. That u now believe everything u say is true n don't need any facts to prove it. Sad if u ask me.

    Guess what that only works in kaw. HQ FOR ALL role players
  12. Kezzer shut up. Your about to lose ur mod for abuse of power. Only thing on ur mind should be ur crying speech to the devs.

    At this point you're either trolling or are just stupid.

  13. After a comment that dumb im just going too leave you there as fourms new laughing stock.

    Even if you were dtw 24/7 you didnt even get scouted 3x a day.

    Go be a joke somewhere else

  14. This alone should be ban-worthy.

    No where has Kezzer been even remotely abusive. Infact, Kezzer has been kinder in his speech than anyone else on and outside this thread.

    If that isn't professionalism, I don't know what is.
  15. I haven't played in a while, so I can't speak for the time I haven't, but when I have, Kezzer was always one of the most involved and professional of the mod team. I don't see any reason to bash him like this.
  16. i hit myself? and i admitted this? this couldnt another lie could it?!?

  17. Scout in battle log???? When????

    People of kaw. This is your game take control. Your going to let 2 alts n 1 dumb main. With a combined
    IQ of 100 (xoxo,kasama,kezzer) decided ur kaw future.

    There aiming for story telling ebs N role play WC. Is this why u kaw.
  18. explains everything needed to know about OP tbh :lol:
  19. Kezzer has muted me twice. I have reported him and still waiting for dev team reply.

    His muted was a abuse of power. He think his opinion only matters here. I have spoken with him on this matter. He clearly don't care. Mods are to be an example as kaw most classy. KEZZER is Cleary not. Even taunting in WC after mute. He needs to be removed as mod.
  20. you have connections with devs though right?