KAW PVP Needs HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by nerds_play_kaw, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. You know what, I was focused on the potential viability of clan vs. Clan and alliance vs. alliance wars becoming unstable.

    With a few other small tweaks that does sound very fun.
    I think there needs too be a doubling of pvp and pve gold without this players rely solely on creastplates too keep pace with enemies, it was done because of inflation in the past and I dont see what it shouldnt be done now .

    Seondly max plunder requirements should be increased too reflect the changes too plunder, you should need 50-100t in allies too max pluder at 1bcs .

    Listening too my strip number idea would make it important too hold more than 5q if you have more than 1q already.
  2. Apologies for posting with my low stat alt, which now that I look, has more stats than yourself. Maybe this account will be better suited to your standards?

    How about cut it out with the smart ass comments. My alt is perfectly fine for 1v1. Heck, you should check your newsfeed, although I doubt you'll keel it 1v1 for long.
  3. Xoxox on the ball it seems

    On a serious note, anyone who has been in an osw/osw clan will know that during a strip, anything over ~5k steals is classed as a success, yeah 0.5% of the original gold amount will remain but it's usually seen as a waste of xstals to completely clear the target out.

    You've since edited your opening post with the correct relationship between steals and % taken, yet fail to acknowledge that it has always been this way, and that it's a balanced system that everyone is happy with. Make it so that more actions are needed will get Devs shouted at for making PvP (osw) harder, and make it less actions will mean less xstal revenue for Devs plus allow clans to strip strip easier (less time to react).
  4.  just cause u finally stop shaking in fear and posted on your main don't make you good or tuff.

    Thank the kaw gods ur not in my range.
  5. So you're saying that you can't hit me, even though I've been having no issues giving you a beating? Strange. Try updating the app.
  6. Valk are u sure your the greatest PVP player here. By the look of it you don't seem like you know what your even doing. You just tapping.

    When is your secret ultimate super punch going to arrive. Does it need to be charged before used. Is That y u taking so long to do somthing. Fyi. Today I'll make the amount of gold that it will take u a week of max xtal to take.

    I really hope ur special move is epic. I'm still waiting.
  7. "NKP THE GREAT" doesnt hit back at all but wants to help pvp hmmmm
  8. you do know the amount of gold you have doesnt effect how long it takes to take it all right?
  9. Smack ur self. Read up on allies cap. That what I was referring to.
  10. ally cap is irrelevant to max xtal... surely will just take longer to hire all allies
  11. Allies cap is irrelevant????? In kaw where your charms aka power come from. If allies cap is irrelevant. That mean warring is irrelevant. Can it be in a war game???
  12. ur spelling so bad idek what ur talking about. how are you linking max xtal to charms, gold and ally cap and then alllll the way back to PVP. big confused
  13. I can tell u in PM how farming works. You Cleary never won a osw pigeon boy.
  14. Sand of time explain everything.

    Quick story

    I was farming a player to r.i.p. His C.F. was to never farm again and only role play. He then went to sands of time. Explain everything now.
  15. ive probs hit you 150+ times and you returned with a singular fail... you dumb af
  17. Can anyone translate?

    I don't speak his FORUM

    help me, i've fallen and cant get up
  18. ASW champion hmmm.... so I guess u think your good at kaw. Fyi ur not 2017 was two years ago u hippy. I bet u wear a rainbow shirt. With ripped shorts. # u a bum at life n kaw

    Go back to your role playing clan
    Explain y u salty.
  19. Nerds, what's it like being a war runner?

  20. Who running I'm here. Ask ur daddy Brent. I'm still here.

    Did someone tell u i was running???
    What made u believe this dumb lie.