KAW PVP Needs HELP!!!!

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  1. Agreed, this **** needs to be addressed. Most of the players have autism and just like to spend money and flex stats but some of us actually enjoyed playing.
  2. Xoxo

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    What does that even mean?
  3. 100% support make kaw great again and perhaps make max plunder 25% - 50% of cs so we
    Have something to strip (war game .....)
  4. I am glad to see that he updated the OP to change 0.0002% to 0.02%. It's still wrong when you look at a hit by hit basis however is correct if you look at the average per hit off the original amount over the entire strip. Obviously that's still very very wrong but it's a start.

    If you want to work out the correct amount you need to understand logarithmic decay.

    To save you the hassle I can tell you from the data you have provided that you get a decay rate of 0.09% per steal (4.5x higher than you state)

    The formula is simple:


    y = final amount
    a = initial amount (using 1 to show 100%)
    r = rate of decay (decimalised percentage)
    t= time, or in this case number of steals

    If I pick a random figure from yours list (30% taken) we see 396 hits needed.



    So we see we are left with 70.00801319% which is pretty bang on the figures you state.

    So the 0.09% I state is shown to be pretty much bang on. (Shown as 0.0009% in calculation as it's a decimalised % so is 100x smaller)

    If you don't trust my calculations feel free to look up logarithmic decay for yourself.


    To further prove the 0.02% to be incorrect let me show you why that's wrong.

    You say that 5000 hits to clear 100% (approximately) shows 0.02% loss per hit. While this is correct on average, it is a fundamentally incorrect use of mathematics and doesn't accurately reflect what is actually happening. I will show you below using the figures you have supplied (which all work using 0.09% loss when using logarithmic decay)

    1% gold taken: 11 steals - (1%/11 = 0.091% loss per hit)
    5% taken: 57 steals - (5%/57 = 0.088% loss per hit)
    10% taken: 117 steals - (10%/117 = 0.085% loss per hit)
    15% taken: 181 steals - (15%/181 = 0.083% loss per hit)
    20% taken: 248 steals - (20%/248 = 0.081% loss per hit)
    25% taken: 320 steals - 0.078% (removing calculation to save time)
    30% taken: 396 steals - 0.076%
    35% taken: 478 steals - 0.073%
    40% taken: 567 steals - 0.071%
    45% taken: 664 steals - 0.068%
    50% taken: 770 steals - 0.065%
    55% taken: 887 steals - 0.062%
    60% taken: 1018 steals - 0.059%
    65% taken: 1166 steals - 0.056%
    70% taken: 1337 steals - 0.052%
    75% taken: 1540 steals - 0.049%
    80% taken: 1787 steals - 0.045%
    85% taken: 2107 steals - 0.040%
    90% taken: 2557 steals - 0.035%
    95% taken: 3327 steals - 0.029%
    97.5% taken: 4097 steals - 0.024%
    99% taken: 5115 steals - 0.019%
    99.5% taken: 5884 steals - 0.017%

    Can you see now why using an average loss per hit over an entire strip is the incorrect way to look at it? If you look at the early gold loss average % they show figures similar to the 0.09% I demonstrate is correct. These will show similar as there is little decay of gold at this point. Closer to the end they show far lower average gold loss per hit as the later hits will be taking far less gold as there is less gold available to take which contributes to a lower average.

    I hope this clarifies why the 0.02% is incorrect as it is grossly misrepresenting the data.
  5. i come to kaw to not do algebra thanks

  6. It ok you can just keep tapping. Your going great keep up the great work. FYI. You stink at kaw then.
  7. That's funny, nerd.

    You not only suck at english but you also suck at being truthful

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  8. What part is not truth full u see the numbers right in your face. Kezzer already agree we both right. So what r u ranting about again??
  9. every single number you posted was wrong until corrected :lol: i had to send you the strip numbers ffs

  10. Key word corrected. Sorry I don't play with my self like you. But kaw PVP broken. Need to be fixed.

    I'll be the first to admit I was farming wrong. I thought staying up full nights hitting my heart out. I thought I was doing somthing here. I was wrong.

    You xoxo are the pigeon of kaw. Ask kezzer what that means.
  11. The 0.02% you quote isn't correct unless you really try to make it correct by looking purely at average gold taken from a full strip (shown in my post). If you won't acknowledge that it's incorrect I see no reason why anybody will take this seriously.
  12. you changed the post 10 times... but all your info is correct? your clearly do not know much and do not hit at all dont lie
  13. Smack ur self xoxo. I'm trying to help PVP out here. Do you even realize half the thing you say. U looking dumb out here.
  14. you dont even return inc smh... would be a start for pvp
  15. Yo this isn't gonna make the fairies come out and play my dude. Anyone who cared about PvP was gone a while ago.
  16. This is true. Can kaw really be ok with that playing a game CALLED kingdom at war....SmH. pigeon boy stop trolling my forum. Post if u have a good idea.
  17. It's not called a forum, this is called a thread.

    Keep being correct pal.
  18. no, it is HIS forums didnt you know?
  19. Anyone who used to talk about the glory days still downloads this game once in a while.

    They check in, play for a day or two, maybe a week and never open the app again.

    All their friends they made are gone, and they've more than likely lost touch with them.

    This game was driven off the community it had made, and the friendships and enemies people made along the way.

    Without that, it's nothing more than a good memory that sucked the money out of your pocket. ATA would have to do some serious marketing to get anything out of this game at this point.

    Maybe old players would see an ad, come back and reunite to plunder once again.

    But returning players would come back and be shocked at the billion stat level, and the quadrillion ally price level.

    They wouldn't want to dump money into a game when they don't think theirs any hope to achieve the stats of those players on the leaderboard. They'd just uninstall.

    It sucks because this game was a lot of fun. It brought anger and happiness out of you, now it just makes your thumb hurt a little and your wallet hurt a lot.
  20. Well said Seth.

    People of kaw. You have let a very little people with tons of alts make the game this way. FIX it. If you still can. If not devs please let me know.