KAW PVP Needs HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by nerds_play_kaw, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Kasama n xoxo I'm more active then both you combined. What part am I making up. Please don't lie do u both have a minimum of 3 accounts here. Yes or no
  2. I didn't propose an alternative number of steals to clear because no number I could post would be justifiably reasonable. I don't have enough knowledge regarding game balance, or how to combine it with hard game mechanics. I could theorize, but if I came up with a good number it would be from luck more than calculated skill.
  3. ur definitely not more active than me bud i promise you that :lol: i have 0 alts silly ;)

  4. Xoxo u booty at KAW. With 0 alts show you have no idea what your even doing here. Just keep tapping I won't bother you anymore. You special. ;) u Gud
  5. he right :(
  6. i have no idea what im doing either tbh

  7. You're so full of bs, I've been in you nf for 24 hours, I have my ss. Another crybaby bs player from a bs wannabe osw clan!
  8. i hit like 80 steals with 1 failed return inc
  9. Y'all both must be new at farming. Took u guys all those hit. Took me just a few. I hope you realize we done the same damage to each other.

    Y'all don't seem to good that this.

    Please tell me if I'm wrong
  10. Bringing up a problem without a solution gives the devs nothing.

    What do you suggest?

    I feel switching the max too 1k steals and bring 50% down too 250-300 for strips under 500t , double those for strips between 500t-5q and do current normal numbers for 5q +
  11. Making it so a solo player can do huge damage also makes it so clans can clear with little effort. Keep that in mind aswell

  12. Yes this is true. This will make the game more competitive. And reward player who play more. Also the game says strategy in title. Only strategy at the moment is not to cry.

    This sounds fun to you?
  13. i like it

  14. This is a good idea as well. I'll add it to forum. Thank you for your feedback
  15. This has alwasy been the case? Last I heard it took around 8k-9k to completely empty the targets gold, however doing around 6k would take 99% and usually was a sufficient enough result. Bearing in mind you get like25 steals per full bar (hoarfrost glitch), this isn't really a hard task to pull off. For one person yes, but 10 people with 24 xstals could manage just fine.
  16. good math, even less with the occasional UA

  17. This is ok with you 24 xstal 10 people to strip one player 100%.

    That crazy!!!!

    Fyi your account will never be any good here. 1v1 are pointless with these stats.
  18. lol main will clap u