KAW PVP Needs HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by nerds_play_kaw, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. I'd rather be Kasama the Bomb than NKP the Great

  2. eh some of ur clannies are respectable... you most definitely are not. if anything this puts clan in a bad light :lol:
  3. It's okay, xo.

    I'm good friends with dragon code.

    He'll talk with nkp soon.
  4. at least dragon code looks like he hits... i ran bars on this NKP noob and he hasnt even hit back yet
  5. You must be kasama alt. Did you not read the forum. What do you think your 3 hits did to..... oooo shoot the walls coming down...... lmao ur a joke n so is this game till they fix this.

  6. I guess your right. Thank you for making it my point even more.
  7. Kasama seems to run its mouth on every one of our threads. She claims we suck. How would he know? With stats that small, its all mouth with nothing to back it up. Foxes dont even fight back. They just take a beating and continue to do ebs. You can say"if you guys didn't suck,we would fight back" I can tell you. That's exactly what every clan says that have already given up. So keep running your mouth while we keep running bars.

  8. Can it really be? Tears in forums? How tasty is this!
  9. Yes, this is the game your playing. I don't like pimd but sadly kaw has turned into that. You must not farmer. If you do what is your plan. I'll love to hear it. Or is it top secret.
  10. Yes, this is the game your playing. I don't like pimd but sadly kaw has turned into that. You must not farm. If you do what is your plan. I'll love to hear it or is it top secret.
  11. Really? Because I haven’t had inc from you guys in over 36 hours. You guys can’t even handle our sub clan. You’re not even a threat
  12. There you have it. Lmao. Just because you're not calling out your hits doesn't mean it's not happening. it means that you're afraid to be honest to your clan. So basically we aren't hitting anyone at all? And you're killing it? Hahaha. Follow the kaw osw handbook a little more why dont you? You guys are adorable. sure wish this was an osw and us just hitting ebs and posting eb ads on wc. That'd be awesome. hahaha
  13. 1000% positive I haven’t been hit, think I’d know kiddo
  14. Hehe. 5w337.

    I guess I'll add one semi-serious reply though, if I could 99% clear someone in 500 steals I'd do it solo as often as free xtals would allow. Nobody would ever grow, which takes the fun out of the game for a lot of people. Not necessarily osw people, but fair portion of folks play for non-osw reasons.

    Is that ideal on a war game? Not an argument I want to start, but fact is that currently lots of people on KaW don't osw and 500 hit clears would drive many o' them away.
  15. Ok so granted 500 might be too few, but I am inclined to agree with op that an adjustment is needed. What would you propose as a reasonable number then?

  16. What number did you have in mind? I hope you guys n gals understand. We in 2019 phone games are reaching 100mil players. This game at 1mil. With the average player having a minimum of 3 accounts. That less then 1% of the cutsotmers come here. I ask why. With a game that has a great name like kingdom at wars. You would think PVP would be this game first priority.

    This is why a few years ago kaw HIT it peak and crash like the way they did. If you don't like warring you should go to pimd. This game name don't fit it gameplay.
  17. Let's entertain that op knows what they're talking about.

    Jk, where are you getting these numbers?

    What phone games?
    Game says it's at 1Mil+ in the google play store but how accurate is that 1Mil+?
    3 accounts per player minimum? KaW doesn't reveal this information so how do you know this?
    Less than one percent of customers come here? What does that even mean?
  18. Kasama I can teach you math In PM.

    You making ur self look like a fool out here.
  19. I don't need to pm you to know your numbers are fabricated lmao.

    But sure, follow me and we'll talk.
  20. tbh you make numbers up, minimum of 3 accounts? haha