Kaw needs more color for names

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by __rumplestiltskin__, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. If you wish to see more colors in the alchemist please put it on this forum for devs to see. I believe the game would be more appreciative with more colors
  2. I agree. It'd be nice to have a wider selection to choose from.
  3. Yes. I was in a clan that always used different colors for names. It made CC quite enjoyable to read.
  4. This needs to be addressed there are just not enough colours to represent the masses wtg rump
  5. More colors for the win!! Dev's fix this issue asap this is not request it's a demand!! don't delay more colors today. Can't believe this hasn't been requested before so please sort it out
  6. I agree, more colors, and possibly a clan color. Would be great to see this happen
  7. Perhaps a color picker could be added for custom colors.
  8. I cannot run a color clan with such a limited amount of color! Let's get more color!!
  9. Now we got bread don't think we can beef
  10. Every single player that has mostly posted this is from the same clan with 1 post lolol
  11. Agreed we need more colors.
  12. Pass Winston time is wasted on this. He is too busy to be bothered by color.

    I’d rather have speakers regen to 25 everyday to keep WC more lively. 15 is not enough speakers to troll with.
  13. Just add a bb code option, but this would have to cost more mythril than the normal colors
  14. No to many other issues for instance the bug where it shows u have pms, but you can't see who it's from. Sometimes it resubmitted msgs you've already seen
  15. Big time. We need more speakers.
  16. More colours ftw