Kaw need's adverts

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  1. No lol that picture won't be on the start up screen we can keep that the same we need someone to be in the advert I'd be willing to ride a horse naked as well but they would have to pay me for it no freebies.
  2. Like the idea, but it seems a bit too easy to make 3 alts for maximum rewards. I think there should be a referral system, but maybe every time referee buys something referrer gets a fraction of what they got.
  3. Referrals were removed due to abuse, it's difficult to introduce a referral scheme where the player base is renowned for finding ways to exploit the system 
  4. What exactly would someone advertise though?

    Kaw only has images and text.

    Ever seen that "magic the gathering" commercial? It shows a few pictures and has a little narrative. I wasn't inspired to play it and give it a shot, at all.

    In an advertising sense kaw doesn't have the type of content that grabs peoples attention, like action.

    I like kaw but i dont think anyone could make an ad that could capture what and why i do that would portray it in an exciting way.
  5. OK I've thought about this the advert can be released to promote the new pet system where we send pets to fight in dungeons (its coming soon) this update will be very exciting you can play as the pet squashing everything in your path it will be 3d and very colourful.
  6. Referall is an awful system i would just go on pc and make as many accounts as i wanted for free money:)
  7. Ok, that might make me a want to download kaw.