KaW Memories (Part 2/?)

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  1. Rainbow bunchie... Cow bunchie... Wasn't there a Moose bunchie?

    Ugly things.
  2. Were bunchies before or after those damn dragon eggs?
  3. Players weren't exactly banned for the bunchies themselves, (although if I had a say in it they would be for Venoms reason), they were banned for incessantly posting them on every single thread, thereby spamming the hell out of them.
  4. I was about to say, people got banned for spam, not content. Like if ten people posted nothing but bunchies on an unrelated thread.l
  5. I think my favorite was the Llama one. That was killer. Oh and who remembers when the whole 1337 thing was being posted everywhere. One or two specific persons I think, but still seemed like it was everyone.
  6. Oh my gosh... I miss Corinthian and J3acon :(

    @toast, you remember Nikki?

    Also the (I believe it was riri488) running away from home scandal?
  7. Hi Arch. I think I've interacted with everyone you mentioned in the last few months. We're still "around." //

    I, too, remember the stampede of bunchies. They were ok, just a little obnoxious. Don't forget screenshots of the classic bunchie, Toast, but also the flashing rainbow ones. While bunchies were obnoxious, after a time, times, and half a time when they were gone, I did semi-miss them. //

    Honestly, TZ's "hangout" thread was I think the first. To be fair though, it was an extension of his ally chat, which was actually used, so it was ok. Probably, I would be ok with opening a hangout thread if my life would operate on a consistent schedule these days. //

    EDIT: Disregard my last statement. I see that someone has necrobumped an old Hangout thread with 4000+ posts. It's like looking up at the skies over London in modern times and suddenly seeing a Zepplin filled with Nazi Vampires ready to fall out of the sky and make ghouls out of the populace. I think I will pass.

    Yes, the Role-play community on the forums was a bit intense. It somewhat involved fan-fiction and including players in stories and spread from there, but there were / are also dedicated spontaneous RP groups for the sake of RP. I view them as supremely innocent when compared to the spawn that would have turned this 9 app into an adult dating-and-other-things app. More, they were not of the Off-Topic faction, nor the pillage-and-murder-for-murder, nor of the Valiant Knights and their armies, so I can understand the reasoning. //

    I actually have a fair number of comments about Toast's initial post itself, but I reckon I'll save those for private, as it primarily involves reading a screenshot one-way, then seeing the caption as another. Context is everything, and I read a lot of world chat as if I was scanning it for infractions :p //
  8. Arch, I believe Nikki made a new account and was active last around 2 months back.
  9. Really? That's very interesting.


    COR <3
  10. Yes, it's WeeklyMonthlyYearly.
  11. I come back to this game every once in a while to read stuff like this, thanks for the 10 year old me nostalgia :^)
  12. Belated here. Oh well.

    As mentioned several times, Nikki is still around. God, I completely forgot about riri and that whole drama. It took me a few tries to remember even after reading your comment. That was a multiweek endeavor, did we ever figure out if it was real? (God, I hated riri SO much :lol: she was a part of that rp group that, if you read previous comments, I loathed.) Man good times, I wonder if I have any ss of that? I wonder if there was a single thread of that that the c00l kidz didn't end up derailing.

    Aph, way to out somebody's modern alt .-. unless her new name is supposed to be common knowledge, we haven't chatted enough for me to know. In which case add a ;P face after

    @Alpacas, any time, dude. I'm just here now to make other people feel feels. And maybe make snarky comments in wc.
  13. Lets not bring benny up too much, he was a loser and a lot of ppl hate him.
  14. Why not? He was somebody of import in the realm of the past.
  15. When you realize how old you are
  16. Benny was always cool enough one on one/in very small settings, but his public persona I couldn't stand. He grew up and partially out of that though, most of us did. Haven't seen him much lately but when I have it's been all right, people mature.

    King, in several years I will have been playing KaW for half of my life. Spooky, right?
  17. Toast, are you saying you starting playing when you were 9(+)? :O

    Don't answer that, as that would be personal information ;-) . That said, it has been a time, times, and half a time, hasn't it?
  18. Like most of us, he's pretty close, Cor. Seems like most of the old KaW players were pretty young. Just kids. Made for interesting times :lol:
  19. Cor, that depends, did you read the OP where I stated my age four separate times? :p Also, I don't believe stating your age is against the ingame ToU now. They relaxed a lot of the "personal information" rules.

    Snoopy, I refer you part of my long comment on page two:
    Part of the rest of that comment was addressed to you, now I feel like you're ignoring me :(
  20. I have a short term memory, but was more or less copying what you said and telling Cor. :3

    Ily toast<3