KaW Memories (Part 1?)

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  1. That's kinda a really pretentious motto, I'm sorry. No hard feelings towards 2011-2014 though, I understand completely.

    iamtoast was my original, because my usual internet nick ("dirtball") was taken. I was casting about for usernames and looked at an app I had that allows you to digitally toast bread and add toppings. Plus I was like...13, so it made sense.
    Outdoortoast was just an inside joke with Outdoorturtle, but then I started getting well-known while I had that so I kept it and still keep it as my standard name where it's available. I thought just Toast would be recognizable in my old KaW age, and it's also a lot easier to type and use. People who matter still know the name ODT so KaW is the one place I don't have to use it as my identity.
  2. Yeah I don't know why I screenshotted that, it was just one of my oldest from photobucket. I wasn't trying to make some kind of point.
  3. Majesty used Alt's to grow winning attack stats.tapping 24h/7days.
    Well,funny time it was.
    Attacking inactive Players to get income. Each pot very expensive,pure spies killed clans sometimes alone.
    Kaw changed from wargame to Farm Ville
  4. I love you Toast
    With a dash of homo
  5. I love kaw!
  6. My phone has 0 screenshots, but I have this old gen 2 iPod touch I used to play on somewhere. Wonder if I could contribute to this if I found that thing. I miss playing this game, and even more I miss posting this forum.

    Edit* Christ photobucket I forgot we used that. Looking at mine it's 40% KaW and 50% shitty memes I saved back in middle school.
  7. Ahh yes.. the middle schoolers :lol: lovely days to remember... it's funny.. they are all pretty mature and cool now. Some of the most well known in game are surprisingly young. Like High School Seniors and college Freshman.
  8. I member, member star wars? member jawas? member stormtroopers?
  9. I'd have to save my favorite memory by far is the night where CyanMoose and a bunch of others were in wc and were posting about clocks. So many puns. So many silences. So many bans. Overall a great night
  10. Iger <3

    Snoopy, to be fair, I was 14 at the height of my popularity (sometime in the middle of my entire first year of KaW). I quit playing much loooong before I was a high school upperclassman :lol:
  11. I started when I was 12. 19 now. I think I played consistently from 12-16 and then on and off since. Really was a part of my growing up which is what makes it so nostalgic now.
  12. I'll be 21 in June, started when I was 13. I still openly accept KaW at one of my most significant developmental influences.
  13. You had kaw.

    I had runescape.

  14. You had runescape

    I had Minecraft

  15. I still have ss from the whole my pen ...... Is big debacle in wc from a couple yrs ago i think
  16. The good old days.
  17. Man, I really miss old kaw 
  18. Are you me?
  19. Hi... this is Nikki.

    Many memories were had but when I think upon them it only breeds nostalgia

    I don't come here often anymore
  20. I had a similar story. Kaw was a big part of my life growing up, maybe my grades could have been better or maybe I would have spent more time with people...