KaW Memes

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  1. Jk, bro. I loves you.

    Don't be mad :c
    Hit me for free as an apology present ^_^
  2. Really? Hmm......
  3. Ali is not short for anything -_-

    A guy

    Its a terrorist name
  4. Well.....my statement is awkward now...
  5. Love you too Deni lol
  6. Just lol at what happened...... Just LOL
  7. test bump.

    btw - all the links are broken. that makes me sad.

  8. He's sexy
  9. These are still funny :lol:
  10. [​IMG]
    When I'm the only one using Seals of Deflection in Phase 1 of The Haunting.
  11. LOL just how I feel xD :shock: