KaW Memes

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  1. I beg of you. Please.
  2. @deni Female Canine, I beg of you.

  3. I don't get it!!!!!!
  4. Its like saying ... ***** please
  5. Ohhhh I get it now *chuckle*
  6. Snitch is another word for female dog.
    Snitch as in bishop.
    Bishop as in son.
    Son of a Bishop.
  7. [​IMG]


    Also, not sure what my wall post was about...we aren't clan mates..
  8. Oh cool. I could get 3-4x that much gold.

    And I didn't want to hit you since you respect this thread, basically. Somewhat.
  9. Lol I'm open all day. Birthday party favor to KaW forumers xD xD
  10. Lol @Son of a Bishop
  11. What's yours?
  12. Nobody wants to post? I'm sorry.
  13. Is anyone gonna talk or will it be me
  14. The top of the page is mine .-.
  15. Almost 100 pages of terrible, misused Memes.
    Ah, KaW. You anger me.