KAW loyalty test idea

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  1. We all know that the most favored eb is HTE sense it is one of the best ebs of the time.
    This cause clan loyalty to drop by alot because people are simply buying seals to make alot of money

    The idea of testing this is to take HTE away for a period of time (say a month or so)
    Leaving revenge of the warbeast to allow the game to make some money
    But this could strengthen the way clans are built and how they run

    Also allowing new and returning players to have a fair chance of being even with big players

    HTE has ruined clan loyalty for clans not doing back to back HTE. It is a great feature to KAW
    But taking it away for a month or so could strengthen KAW relationships/player relations

    Suggestions would be appreciated to make this a possible and playable idea :D
  2. This doesn't make much sense to me.
  3. The EB isn't the problem. Greed is.
  4. My loyalty lays with those who I enjoy playing this tap tap game with regardless of what EB is running.

  5. Exactly
    So rid of the greed for awhile
    And allow the game to build on terms without so much greed possible

  6. Unfortunately I (and others) have noticed alot of people only go for the hte
    Thus killing other clans cause alot of people are greedy
  7. Looks like you're an owner of an HTE clan. Obviously, not working out. Can see those B2B warbeasts.
  8. I no longer strived to be btb hte
    Clans that are family based and not run based in money are what the game used to be about
    Not what it is now adays
  9. Hte isn't the source of the greed. Get rid of hte, you still have greed. It just won't be satisfied for a bit without hte.
  10. I feel that the players who are not the ones who are 'as greedy' would (if they haven't already) make ties and find 'homes' in the games
    And also addressing the noobs
    It puts noobs so far behind sometimes it is sad to see
  11. The greed won't be for HtE, it will be for a non pay to win EB. So you'll start seeing more smoke signals, the summoner, and a familiar foe being ran. Since they pay close to what HtE does.
  12. I don't think a month is even close to being enough time for new or returning players to be a "fair" chance of being even with big players..
  13. The greed won't be for HtE, it will be for a non pay to win EB. So you'll start seeing more smoke signals, the summoner, and a familiar foe being ran. Since they pay close to what HtE does.[/quote]

    True good point
    Then those greedy player could go there
    But alot of clans have req for smoke signals and summoner
    I would tend to doubt that req would change just because an eb was removed for a month or two

  14. It's not about getting them up to speed with big players
    It's about allowing clans to build
  15. I'm not leaving my clan for HTE. Neither are the majority of our members. We aren't running it back to back and I don't care. No epic battle influences me to stay or go. People who apply during HTE and leave after are obviously not loyal. An easy way to fix this loyalty issue is to not let people join during HTE. Simply decline them. If they want to be a part of your epic battle they can stay a while.

    PS. If your clan doesn't suck and there's incentive to stay, some will actually do so.
  16. 3 years played and your tiny... So you are essentially whining cuz you don't get to do hte? Run some jorathe or the frozen city it pays pretty good and doesn't require huge sized member base to win...

    If you friends leave to go to an hte clan that's there choice because they want to pay to grow, ata made it possible I doubt a rant will make them change it. Like Melissa said its not going anyway nor does it tear clans apart.

    New players can grow to be able to hit hte in just a few weeks of playing so that rotwb idea is silly, pays horrible in comparison from the get go and costs a lot of nobs for small money.
  17. full support
  18. No support why u taking away hte it is the only way ?
  19. Op, I understand where your statements came from. Allow me to counter-attack your statement.

    Haunting The Escape can make some, at least 1 player greedy for gold. But before assuming it, look at it more deeply.

    What is the purpose of them doing HTE for? That's the big question.

    Yes, players can be doing HTE for negative purposes. But some players are also doing it for positive purposes.

    This epic battle can ruin some loyalty between players, but can also bring up new loyalty to a new-level in short-term to long-term. Here's an example of a positive purpose for doing HTE:

    A clan owner named Harry, who has been managing a clan for 6 months has 15 members and failed T1 to T2 ebs regularly. So one day, Harry decided to go to B2B HTE to get stronger, about 4-5m cs higher. His actual purpose is not for gold, but to support his clan and his members. After the days of HTE-ing, Harry finally returned back to his own clan as owner, and now he has a stronger troop/spy ability to hit epic battles to lessen the chance of "eb defeats" and he can support his clan members better.

    The entire clan has then more chances of finding horns and seals from T1 ebs. The clan members are happy that Harry did that decision to join a B2B HTE clan because of this. Best of all, happiness is returned and they do enjoy their company, even though Harry no longer does HTE again.

    Need I say more examples about the advantage of HTE?