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  1. Kaw Lottery

    After some consideration, I have decided to create this thread about a proposed new game feature: a lottery. This feature may also reduce inflation of gold, which is starting to become worth less as players earn more.

    The basic idea

    The general idea is that there will be a lottery which will run either daily or perhaps weekly. Any Kaw user can enter. To enter, a fee must be paid of in-game gold. The lottery will not be a pay to play feature to ensure everyone can enter. The exact figure is up for debate but I suggest a figure between 5-10 billion gold. Kaw would randomly select a winner (or perhaps multiple winners) out of the people who entered, who would then receive a prize.

    The prize

    For the gold side of the prize, I suggest that half the total money entered by players should be given to the winner/distributed equally among a number of winners. The other half would simply be deleted - taking out a large amount of money from Kaw circulation. Although this would be a relatively small amount and players could make this money back, by taking gold out of the system it will mean that there is less gold and therefore making it more valuable.

    The prize could also contain items such as land crestplates, event items, crystals etc.

    Your thoughts

    Let me know your opinions below. If you think the general principle is a good idea or even if you think it is a terrible idea, let me know.

    TLDR: Buy a ticket, win prizes
  2. Could be a fun game but I do not see this benefitting the community when it comes to inflation if only a small number are receiving the reward plus its all luck, people dont want to bet on luck they just want inflation fixed
  3. I have had other ideas about the inflation- Introducing a new currency that perhaps can only be used for new lands and buildings
  4. We already have a lottery

    Is called ally market

    Sometimes they sell, sometimes they don't

    It's unpredictable and profitable
  5. Other games have in-game gambling, so I don't see this as a stretch for the devs. One game in particular I'm thinking of offers a version of roulette with very high bet limits. I've seen some players go from mediocre stats to op stats playing, but most people who play lose.

    And most people have the sense not to play more than once or twice, so the gambling doesn't get much play, so to speak.

    As for a lottery, I don't see this as an inflation fix. Look at real life as your model. A few people get rich, most wish they had bought beer instead, and bulk of the money goes to the government (aka disappears).

    That said, a lottery does sound fun. It's a little like the special nob chest keys we see in the supplies tab.

    I had similar ideas about a separate land currency, but in its current form--crestplates--inflation is actually increasing.

    I've said this what seems like a million times on my kaw inflation soapbox, but the only fix for kaw inflation is to create some kind of in-game mechanism that encourages people to save/bank their gold, penalty free and preferably with interest.
  6. Thanks for the support:) that is also true- and Yeah, something at least needs to be done about the inflation
  7. Hasn't this been brought up loads of times with the same outcome? No gambling..
  8. Think it should be variable to the size of the player, eg LB1 should have to pay a lot more than a new player ;)

    But yeah sadly many people have made threads about it and each time nothing was done, it's a 9+ game :(
  9. 5-10B is less than 1 hit on hte these days
  10. Support! Great idea!
  11. Support would be something to look forward to every week.
  12. Thanks all:)
  13. /facepalm
  14. Other than the tokens! Read the other guys comment about the problem of the tokens