KaW lag this weekend

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  1. Maybe it's just that kaw is crazy popular and tons of people are playing and xstaling. Whatever it is, please confirm if others are seeing lag across the board in their KaW play.

    In multiple clans I'm hearing and seeing the same thing. It's taking unusually long to unload, very slow for the game to load, xstals taking 7-10 seconds to process, etc.

    (Now I know that doesn't sound long but count it in your head or on a watch and it's quite slow, especially when you have crux chests open and you're trying to maximize hits.)

    I've seen it in both PC, iPhone, and iPod touch. Others have said they're seeing the same on android. Basically, everything with kaw is just running rather slow.

    I've heard from multiple people that they have made feedback and reached out to the devs. They heard back that it wasn't a kaw issue or the the infamous "please supply screen shots".

    Anyone else seeing his too?
  2. I am.
    I noticed a slight lag while I was unloading troops/spies in zta.
    Kind of annoying but meh.
    Also it has notice-able frame drops, sometimes I'm hitting below 15fps.
    Kind of annoying :/
  3. It's to do with lots of server activity. The servers can't keep up :p
  4. ^There are a lot of factors actually.
    Could be your device being overworked by having several ram intensive apps in the background.

    Your wifi connection

    or it's ata's "servers"
  5. I've been really laggy since Black Friday events were released. I assumed it was my temperamental wifi. Though I imagine there's been a spike in activity for KaW this weekend which hasn't helped matters.
  6. It seems to be due to the event. Started lagging for me on friday.
  7. all the money devs making.. Wonder if they will update their servers or buy other lamborghini or 2?
    But yea Ive noticed the lag on all devices either wifi 4g or 3g
  8. Yep. On my PC and android phone this sucker has lagged bad
  9. I've experienced major lag with my phone, PC, and iPad. I thought it could be the wifi so I switched my phone to 4G but still got the same lag you speak of, I do assume it's due to the server being overworked due to the promo.
  10. yea same thing. Xtals take forever. Actions take forever. Lucky to get in 2 xtals on a ZTA. Guessing traffic through ATA servers has been exponentially increased due to the sale/promo/plunder increase. Now more people can grow for a cheaper price.
  11. Im experiencing it too even with my usually fast wifi that had no problems with the 3 week long event...
  12. On any platform
  13. Noticed some lag a few mins ago. And was getting that "invalid request" pop up a lot. But restarting kaw fixed it...... For now.

    Could be worse though.
  14. Any of you ever stop to think, that this huge sale with an event going. Could possibly (more than likely) have an extremely large number of people on at one time, including those that randomly play, retirees and etc.that aren't normally on as much. Especially with ZTA's return and a 50% bonus on top of it.

    Stop,think,type, stop again, retype, then reread what you type before pressing enter next time. Thanks.

    Or next time when you finish typing, don't submit, hit the back button three times. :D
  15. No reason to be rude EBLORD I think we all understand we are just chatting about it, your post contributed nothing positive to this forum.
  16. I would say the main complaint is that this event is generating 10s of thousands of dollars and yet crashing the system!? Maybe they should reinvest some profits into better server speed?
  17. Thank you for your annoying snarky comments EBLORD. However, I'm pretty sure I said exactly that with the first sentence of the original post.

    Explaining the lag wasn't the point of the post, seeing if others were finding the same issues was the point. Confirming that it's not a "dang, my wifi is acting up" issue helps all of us that get frustrated. Also, having kaw hopefully realize that it's an issue they should look into is good rather than the individual feedback response of "can you send screen shots of the issue" and assuming it's an individual problem.

    But hey, if ya wanna be a sarcastic jerk, more power to ya!
  18. You're quite welcome, glad to be of service. Have a great day/night.
  19. Perhaps you ought to 'stop, think, type, stop again, retype, then reread what you type before pressing enter'? Don't be quick to jump down people's throats. If you actually read the comments on the thread, you'd realise people had said that lag might be due to the excess players online at the moment.

    When did trying to help or commenting constructively get so difficult?