Kaw just died for an hour

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by iZombieJT, Dec 30, 2017.

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  1. Uhmmm.. yep. It died. And we was doing hte br. Then this friend of mine sealed.. but server was down so it was useless.. can we have our 1 sod back?? Also I have screenshot of the crash.. just dunno how to post it ina thread..

    ~ :<
  2. They probably took your seal because you have a shattered sword.
  3. Valiant knights, supposedly the most helpful of players. Oh wait, never helpful. If by chance they post something, they give crappy advice like telling people to send an email to an address devs no longer monitor. Hmm.
  4. what about Swabia u don't think he's helpful? 
  5. Well he helped me get my lvl 4 castle but thats about it..
  6. Sorry you feel this way. I cannot speak for the devs especially about getting an refund on an item. Have a nice day!
  7. Restart kingdoms of Heckfire to receive your compensation.
  8. So forums are now just Todd and demon sniffing each other’s butts? Hmmm. Seems legit.

    As for OP, emailing support is always better than forums. Cuz forums are just statless alts chest thumping.

    And yes Todd and demon see me in my news feed cuz I won’t be checking back to see whatever basic trash response you have to this post.
  9. Todd doesn't do news feeds mate.....just talks about hitting people then never hitting them.....he still sore from when we destroyed his chappy clan when at yafi.....they disbanded and gave up....so sad
  10. But he's so awesome at this game, just ask roni.
  11. Kaw died before season 2. There's only hit ebs to grow to hit more ebs. Welcome to the revolution
  12. Send feedback. Click on the monkey head. They will respond.
  13. The path to the dark side salt is. No, i dont like Todd anymore than you do. I just know feeding trolls doesnt help. Emailing support is 100% useless, as i said the address is no longer actively checked.
    This literally is the only account i still play kaw on lol. Where else do you want me to post?

  14. Why do you still talk about Yafi as if you were part of them or they still back you? Lol ...you ran from NA OSW  ...OSW between TSC and Yafi ended in mutual CF I refused to stop and kept on solo. You asked (grovelled) for CF and were given it on 2 conditions 1. Loose the Yafi tags 2. Never rejoin Yafi ...I have SS & former Yafi will testify 

    ....admit it you're just another butthurt pathetic loser 
  15. This is what you can do next time, instead of creating a forum thread.

    Locking this thread.
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