Kaw is starting to look like FC

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  1. For those that do not know, FC is Future Combat: Patriots At War. It was a futuristic doppelgänger of KaW without Epic Battles or Events.

    It was purely PvP with two set of lands that could only be ganged by reaching both game monetary goals and action goals. This meant you had to actually reach a minimum number of attacks to upgrade, you couldn't just buy your way to the top.

    In the beginning it was wild and when kaw started Epic Battles, FC as well as GaW stayed truer to PvP. Though they were neglected by the developers.

    FC and GaW were only on apple, neither being allowed on Android. The developers never updated them to include any events (like war events. -trust me if they would put an eb on fc, fc would flip out)

    So eventually, a game that hasn't seen an update in a couple of years with no advertising drawls little attention. Especially in a time when games like Clash of Clans and Angry Birds are dominating the app stores.

    With that, forums slowed and eventually it lead to post staying in active topics for months. The collective and creative minds in the community more or less gave up creating new player ran events as less and less turned up for them. Though they still existed from time to time.

    World chat, that place went by slow and had become more for chat with ads being a non-factor. And the biggest killer off all was mercs, (allies)

    Then, the devs shut GaW and FC down forever, ignoring FC and possibly GaW players pleas to let them buy the game from the devs.

    Translated to Kaw: all of these issues took time time to degrade and it is starting to show. Forums In AT sink much slower. Adds in WC are becoming less and less as random chatter takes it's place.

    The ally market is horrific. It is so bad the the devs stopped resets. It helped keep the market around but it allowed it to remain over priced.

    That and the amount of gray(new) players are dwindling. -Maybe that is why forums are gray, so the illusion of new players are given so to make the money devs feel content.

    Then over half of the moderators are inactive. (Look at Moose and Wulf. They are never on enough to do their rolls. They are just the popular ones.)

    The difference is the devs are still updating the game still. Though the events are the same crap and every change is geared to make the game more expensive. The pay to play events, the costly clan rolls to replace admins. The only free change is the forum layout and it's so ugly I would pay money to have an option to have the old layout back.

    What are your thoughts. How damned is this game? How long until it reaches FC's fate? Will any of you really miss it? If so, other than the players and friends, what is to miss?
  2. If we're taking bets I'd say KaW has 3 years left before people start quitting or migrating to different social games. Highly doubt this game will be missed though

    The best bet ATA has for revitalizing KaW would be a complete relaunch. Close KaW down for a few months and really put effort into overhauling it's mechanics, then open a Beta to work out the kinks and then eventually release it as an update.
  3. I will miss all you bandwagon jumpers, that's for sure...
  4. **Warning! Wall of text incoming! Prepare yourself!**

    Everything has to come to an end.

    Kaw is just another example of this archaic saying. It's very obvious that kaw has passed its prime in terms of the amount of users and the activity within the game.

    Six years of operation and probably a few more still to come, kaw is one of the longest lasting apps that I have ever seen. Even those apps that blow up in the App Store only last a few months at the most before blowing over, let alone years.

    Sadly the longevity of kaw is something that continues to work against its ability to bring in new people. People want what's new and shiny now a days, and when they see an app that's over six years old, one that was created in 2009, it immediately turns most people off from the prospect of downloading it. This, combined with the lack of true innovations to Kaw to spice the game up, and the lack of exposure to the public through ads and such, creates a situation where we attract smaller and smaller amounts of new players, while retaining only an even smaller amount.

    Another thing is that people have also been leaving the game in larger amounts and greater frequency, whether this is due to frustration at the unbalanced gameplay, anger at the current quota/regime, or the game has just become boring to them, is only something relevant to them and the people they know on the game. What's important is that they're leaving the game. For good. Finished. Done.

    When you have more people leaving the game than joining it, this inevitably leads to a slowdown in the game which the op has noted.

    While the slowdown does insinuate that kaw is coming to an end, I do not believe this to happen anytime in the near future. This is because kaw continues to be a lucrative business venture for ata due to the amount that the LB spend daily to get ahead in events and such.

    Kaw will continue to be in operation for all players as long as the LB continues to spend their money on the game, but if the LB leave the game one by one, as others have done in the past and continue to do so, there will eventually be no one spending large amounts of money on the game.

    As soon as the LB leave the game and Kaw is no longer profitable enough to ata to continue to operate, Kaw will then join the ranks of the Dodo bird and FC.

  5. rip kaw Been on the verge of death according to forums for 5 years now im sure the info is coming any second :(
  6. Shots fired by skinny.

    Seriously though kaw is passed it's prime but that doesn't mean it's dead. Bring back competitions where people have to share a link to enter. It's near enough free advertizement.
  7. People have been moving from KaW to other games for years and years, just as people move to KaW from other games. There are new player in KaW all the time, the game will continue until the devs have a better way to make money lol
  8. Why won't the devs address a kaw 2 or new server? A little advertising and it would blow up like crazy with new players competing for the top spots
  9. Here is what a Dev recently posted on a similar thread.
    Players have been saying this game has been dying since 2011, instead it has stayed a top 200 grossing app for 6+ years. KaW is not going to shut down for a good few years.
    There is an active player base of about 30K accounts logging in per day atleast once. That's the number it has always hovered about.
    The events go on, the LB keep spending, the trickle of new players continue and life goes on.
  10. Well said knight. We all know kaw has it's issues but so do other games. The dev/admin team are far better at communication than most other games yet we still complain.

    I will say more later if I remember 
  12. Like I said obsessed.

  13. You're starting to look like FC.
  14. Really your Developers of A Thinking Ape are a joke especially one set up Kingdoms At War. KAW at the early stages of your game you log on an chat with us yet you rather sit at home and do nothing. Stop with your government cover ups and flat out lying to the damn community. Look at VainGlory they have been around only a year. They far surpass your worthless ass game. Take some tips from them start using the new operation technique that Apple has design for you and change this into an actual Damn Moba.

    Hell I even start streaming the damn game on MobCrush for a little Advertisement but fee include come talk with me KAW I can help but yet your LAZY
  15. This is the second or third "KaW is dying" thread in AT right now.

    It hasnt died, and won't for a while. It's all the distaste in the business side of the game. No matter how much you say it this game isn't dying.

    Yes, there's a slight issue retaining new players, but some do stay and some old players leave.

    There's still over 25 thousand players playing this game on a daily/bi-daily basis.
  16. FC as I remember never was active, even when first released. The game has a solid 3 or 4 years until they consider closing. AT was primarily only active as I remember in 2012-13. As people are into the game for a different aspect instead of forums now, you can't truly judge activity on that.

    Also, if you look at all the other ATA games, random chat consists of 90% of the games WC. I personally enjoy it, seeing people fight and argue or just have fun in WC.

    While, yes, it is obvious the game is slowly dying out, I doubt that it will happen anytime soon.
  17. This is from a longtime player just coming back and seeing everything. I don't think kaw is dying, but I think it's certainly dwindling. The people that play this game will be fewer, but i think the longtime players will continue to play the game.

    I say this because i believe kaw brought (or used to bring in) in 2 types of people. The first is people who joined the game and quickly got bored, getting on a few times and then forgetting about the game and never playing again. The second is the longtime players that have so much time invested in this game already, that have from months to years worth of time invested in the game. Some who set alarms to wake up and unload. Some who have tons of real money invested in the game. For some, they have so much into it they don't want to stop. For others, they have friends on here and they don't want to leave at all.

    Therefore the reduction of new players means that the longtime players joining are fewer as well, and so all thats really left are veterans. There are next to no new players left. But that isn't that big of an issue. Longtime players do leave eventually, but those that stay, will keep playing. Everyone they play with is likely a longtime player as well, so the fact that there arent any new players will affect them. It wouldn't really affect the devs either. All the revenue is with the longtime players anyways.
  18. No stream of new players staying and a steady amount of veterans retiring is happening now. The game isn't dying but it's slipping towards death. Two years ago it was consistently on the top 100 gross list. Last year it was between 100 to 200. Recently it has slipped below 300. Pimd is now drawing in more income for devs than kaw . Do you think they'll keep kaw running if the cost of servers exceeds the cost of revenue?
  19. Wouldn't call FC purely pvp. I remember PWAR after PWAR after PWAR to grow. But I understand your main point.