KaW, is it competative enough?!

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  1. Hey,
    Many of you may know me or have known me from years past. I don't play this game very much anymore. However, i have come back with an idea that i want to put out to the community and to our developers as a potentially extremely good marketing idea and extremely beneficial reward system for players of high calibre.

    Over the past 2 years, in my absence, i have moved on to other games, and other consoles that have extremely competative communities.
    These communities are so competative that the developers have partnered with ESL to create an electronic sports league. This would include as many of the following as possible:

    •Weekly professional tournaments with a league, standings, and in game rewards. For example, if Regulators had a war team that was in this league as well as iG, and Kotfe...etc fill in the blanks, and Regulators were to place first overall at the end of the season then each member of that team would get say 1000 Nobility. If iG's team came in second place then each member of that team would be rewarded 700 Nobility, and so on and so forth.

    •LAN World Tournaments hosted in a studio, and live streamed on Twitch. The winnings here would be real life cash prizes. I have seen a team of 5 walk away with up to 1,000,000 USD, or at the very lowest level games walk away with 200,000 USD. There are a lot of details to be discussed about rules, and how they would live stream it. (Of course everybody would be warring from PC, and there are ways to prevent in war info from getting to the other team).

    Now, this is highly ambitious of me to post. However, with my recent experience in these sorts of tournaments- i think that ATA could pull this off, as well as the fact that this game is one of the most competative PvP games that i have ever played. And it is lacking in population, publicity, and incentive to War or be famous in the Gaming Community.

    This would give the game a lot of publicity and population growth, incentivize war, or in system wars, innovation, teaching noobs, growth and community development, and lastly and most importantly: benefit players.

    I know that it is a big step for ATA, but this is a rare game, and i think that it could easily out do...okay i'm just going to say it, CoC, and CR esports.

    What would you all think of this as a longterm goal for ATA? Mods? Players? ... Discuss!

    Also- feel free to ask questions, or bring forth concerns. I can answer both!

    Thanks, LWPiNDaHiZZY
  2. If you tinker with the rewards and the set up, I can get behind it. Even if they have a single or double elimination clan war event, that would be a welcome change to the status quo of current events.
  3. Wont happen.
  4. Well they can keep all the regular wars and the schedule they have now, but actually create a a seperate professional league war system and standings for clans with "Professional teams" and make those rewards different, and/or add the in game rewards to them for the weekly tournaments (nobility, crystals, etc)

  5. I mean, never say never, but it is a good idea regardless of the probability. Besides, why would you be against this idea? It would do nothing but benefit your own game play to have something like this. For me this is the next step for ATA, and the only way to save a dry, and dying game.
  6. I got what you were saying. I don't think their ears are refined enough for it with all these lands. But it would be a great idea. Likelihood of it happening is very slim but I support your idea.
  7. Yeah, the player gap is definitely something i thought of with this. It is the biggest issue as you would have to spend years PvE'ing to be able to break into the pro leagues or even be considered for a team.
  8. Again. I feel it needs refinement.
    But I have no ideas currently on those. But it is an interesting concept.
  9. I'm a realist. An idea this vast will simply not happen.
  10. Nobody is 100% a realist, otherwise i don't really expect you to make it far in life.
    We are creative and innovative beings, and that requires dreaming of the perceived impossible, but accomplishing it regardless because of the hope and idealism that lurks inside.
  11. Know what would be cool… have a requirement on your new experience, stats, w/l, etc and everyone will have to reach a certain growth percentage gained in a month based upon your current stats. Such as 25% build gain.

    Gold generated from nobility points do not count, it also must be newly earned money. Possibly by creating a new starting cash currency, that will be converted back into regular gold after the month ends. Players wont be able to buy pots with this cash nor allies, so they can be given the option to convert whenever during the competition; however, once converted it can no longer be swapped in order to use that gold for the event again. Any buildings therefor purchased by the event currency will then be recorded on an anonymous event leaderboard and clan leaderboard (names only viewable by clan members involved.)

    If w/l via hitting an event battle list is considered part of the final mark requirement, I'm unsure how many hits or a percentage a player would need to obtain? However, this is not a war yet, so during this first phase, an event battle list will generate like the current list; yet, the names and clan names will be hidden and every refresh it'll be randomized again. Once you have hit a player before (whether successful or unsuccessful) if they happen to appear on your battle list again, they'll be checked off so its up to you to decide to hit them again.

    Crystals and nobs also can't be purchased to be used. Instead players can earn these items for each 100 successful hits. 2 for 150 hits after reaching 500 etc. Same as crux chests as a chance to receive per upgrade. Limited amounts of supplies given per day. These items gained will also need to be separated from the purchased crystals/nobs, previous earned crystals/nobs--just like the currency was separated.

    The players from each participating clan that gained the most highest gains (and possibly W/L from the battle list) will be thrown into a KaW Season. At least 20 people from the clan.

    If an alliance has multiple clans participating, that alliance must vote on which players will move forward.

    The next step of the KaW Season will be growing a second build. Players who made it will be granted a pass on using this account with your main on one device. Your current kaw username will be used with an addition of the competition year, such as "Silph_17".

    All unused gold from the Entry phase will be converted into your mains gold. All crystals and crux chests earned will be converted as well, unless you progressed into this KaW Season.. in which you can choose to keep these items for this round.

    Another month (or whatever is decided) will be needed in order to gain the strongest total CS in your clan of the 20ish people. All lands are unlocked for every participant, with starting gold of maybe 10B each and as well as the previously earned crystals prior, each player will receive 5 upon the start, and earn more of either xtals, crux chests, horns, etc(?) each time an epic battle is completed. A player will have a chance at receiving better or multiple prizes when completing a more difficult epic battle.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, there may need to be another server created for this in order to also nerf epic battles enough so a 20 player clan can kill it. It would also be cool to have random kaw bots to be bought and used for ally strength.

    Once the time is up for building, clans must compete against each other to plunder the most gp and gain the most in a w/l ratio. They are given before this, at the least, a days break to try and form alliances and battle strategies.

    The main server will be able to place multiple high and low bets on clans thee believe will win. They can do so by purchasing nobility, giving them the chance to earn 5x the amount they bet if their clan is rank 1 after the first warring/farmsesh begins. If another clan that is voted on comes in second, gain is x4 etc until x1 (6th place) in which they just gain their nobs back. If none of their clans gain a placement, they're given a couple crystals for participating and an epic battle fairy wand primary attack weapon.

    A leaderboard is updated for the main server to checkout every so often, tracked almost like a system war but since its open farming, it just shows the gains for the clan being observed.

    Ready or not, players are given a number of each pot every so many hours, crystals every so many hours(?), and random crux chests. KaW bot targets appear in chat randomly, and the player to do the most damage gets their clan a PVP battle cry.

    After about 4 days worth of battle, the top 10 Clans will continue to the KaW finale. The eliminated clans will recieve a new banner, complete equipment set, unlimited speakers for a week, crux chests, and lookout/building tokens. The players going further will be given a chance to grow more until the tournaments begin. Certain kaw bots during this timeframe will appear in world chat again, allowing clans to earn either free build tokens, plunder bonuses, etc. Clans will have a limit on how many they can earn per few hours; Allowing all clans a chance.

    Then the building period will again be over, KaW main server can make bets. Then devs will match up the clans who sw against eachother first, until the last two are standing. These wars will be given a set time and date which they'll commence until the last two are standing.

    These two clans would be invited to do a twitch stream at ATA headquarters. Players who can't attend will be able to join discord broadcasted by ATA. The players won't be allowed to have contact with other players who aren't in thr event, using only ATA inspected and monitored devices. This guideline insures nobody watching stream is allowed to disclose any teams war discussion.

    Kaw Main Server players may change their bets upon hearing war strategies before the finale officially starts, however once changed, they cannot reverse their decision, their best is sealed once swapped and/or once the Kaw Finals begins.

    Not sure if this war should last longer for more stream time? Such as a days break of regaining gold, allies, and more items, then back to the 2nd half of the war next? Or if it should be done first day…

    Oh I forgot, ATA headquarters should also host a Kawfest during this, that way some players may come chill, watch, and party in person. Some kaw related activities, photos, discussing ATA future plans, kaw help booths, testing out future betas(?), meeting the lore team and artists… etc. So more streaming for kaw, leading up to the tournie, and those who attend may win contests and prizes.

    Then the clans will finish leaving prizes to be rewarded. Honestly it would have to be ballin after racking in from kaw players betting with purchased nobs. Also the advertisement from the kawmmunity who had participated throughout the KaW 2017 Ultimate Season. Clans should also obtain special recognition, including a stickied ingame thread. Items to all players in their alliance who had participated since the very beginning, including their sub clans. Trophies, real money and nobility, the MVP's clan recieves 50 more slots in their clan. The best leader of the two also should receive something special.. Even being given the title of greatest Commander of 2017. Choice of emoji's around their name in game chat. Etc im just throwing out st00f.

    Im kinda "amped" up right now (wooooo finished my homework at least), so just zoned out into writing this rough scrambled idea. Just thought that osws would be difficult to stream with alliances having multiples of clans. Also it would be interesting to see if players could war like the old days with some newer items and ebs… just no p2p :3!