kaw hitting mechanics

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  1. He's going flat stick 

  2. Note that last one. That's the extent of the damage I take 

    I would love to say it makes me feel big having so many fails. But honestly I just feel really sorry for these legends that think failing on an unknown player like myself makes them feel their lives are validated in some way.
    That this means so much to them,just makes me all :-

  3. dont even bother lying optimal.the 1 army attack you done failed .and you are constantly dtw . when i did manage to find you out of dtw how many victorys did i get .before you go dtw again . you are looking more a chump than susuke . least he gives back to the kaw community and does some threads of value . you though are obviously feeling that smaller players are eclipsing you out .so you need to write almost getting to be a novel dedicated to the man you wished you was but you fall short in comparrison.
  4. Lying my dear.
    Yes you caught me once. But I've been out for hours asleep for hours before that and you were where.

    Not in my news for sure. That was skinny and the fails.
    Smells eclipsing me.
    Unlike you dear I have never craved the attention on here.
    You need that to feel relevant. I don't.
    That butthurt cream is having some serious side affect issues on you.
    Ps you could show the ss of all the assa you took when I bothered.
    But I shall be honest about my opinion of you and skinny.

    The ebs worth more than you two combined. Those event drops are tastier than you. Now please hit me for a while. Hits don't scare me. 

    Unlike skinny I don't drop build and hide.
    So all you have done is tell everyone that hiding behind mechs is cowardly.
    Exactly proving my point.
    Congratulations you are a total moron.
  5. you the only one looking the moron here optimal .i hit you because you trying to mock me and skinny. the facts are if you wanted to prove a point you wouldnt even enter the ebs. your stats are big enough you not going to miss anything by not being in them for a few days to fight like a man . But you wont .The events are calling your name and the ebs are your forte.
  6. Well as pointed out.
    Skinny is a drop build coward hiding behind mechs. And you, frankly dear you are no omelette and not worth my time.
    But don't worry I'll hit you every now and again to make you feel relevant if that's what you want.
  7. Alison really needs to upgrade.
  8. Accuses someone of being a coward hiding behind game mech whilst defending their "friend" that drops build to hide behind mechs.

    Proves you cannot argue with stupidity.
  9. You are totally a coward you've even banked now .Because scared if we catch you out of dtw that you'd lose it ! and i dont need to defend skinny .she is more than caperble of taking you out on her own . You optimal are another try-hard nothing more. it took you 3 years on kaw to find your voice. yet you still hitting out from dtw safety mode.and i had a almost full army bar and he doesnt even use army on me .Because he is using it to self pin in the eb.
  10. 3 years to find my voice.
    Grief most people tell me I'm a big mouth on here. Wtf kind of dumbass statement is that.

    And shh don't tell anyone I hit the eb when I was on last. God do you live on here or something?
    Coming from the dtw muppet again.
    How many times are you going to call yourself stupid for doing what you say others shouldn't do. Whilst doing it yourself?
    Banked. Oh my. And you want me to put a trill out so you might actually be noticed.

    I'm the try hard when you live on this 

    I really cannot believe how totally dumb you make yourself look.

    I should just shut up. You are doing a far better job of making you and skinny look like idiots than I ever could.
    I mean cmon. Cheese at least had some intellect behind his rants.
    You, you have what.
    Don't be dtw it's not allowed you coward.
    ( btw I'm dtw and defending my friend that is so scared of fighting in a war game that he dedicated a build to dropping build so he can't be hit. Proving he is the ultimate coward).
    You are hilarious. Please keep these rants coming. I'm laughing so much.
    You see this is what I said on the other thread.
    Forums is a vital part of farming and having fun that far too many miss out on.

    But in your case. It may be better if you did miss out.
    You've insulted skinny so many times inadvertently now. And look like a total muppet.
    Tell someone they are riding skinnies legendary status. Omfg I am going to laugh months over that one. And then you keep posting how cowardly you are.
    And claiming others are for not being open to you which was the whole point of the debate.

    You have no right to complain when you hide behind mechs dear. And I'm wide open. Not my fault all you do is fail.
    That's on you.
    At least I don't hide behind tiny stats farming noobs with a drop build. Too scared to do anything.
    Now keep replying to me. And proving I am not as worthless as you say and that I am relevant. And that your pathetic attempts to farm me this make you relevant.

    Which btw. You aren't. I'm sorry but you just aren't important, and I'm certainly not impressed.

    Have fun tweedle dumb. Don't look away from your screen. Be back in 30 mins to an hour to Make you feel important again. Maybe 

    Ps. Great negotiating skills. I shall give you a pay rise as my PR manager.

    Another day and most people on here will know the obscure fool that wasn't relevant before now is. Thank you so much. Great job. 
  11. I enjoy the drama but tl;dr.
  12. Roni got rekt
    Edit: WASTED MY 500TH POST!
    Edit 2:NVM Saying Roni got rekt was completely worth it.
  13. bad advice another wannabe who thinks he looks cool writting wrecked as rekt. and optimal is a full time liar.all anybody can do to him is scout he is self pinning in the eb. and the wannabe has topped up on defence potions again .so you bad advice looks like the chump . thinking you know it all but really you dont.
  14. and optimal you can lie to the world but you cant lie to your conscience.

  15. Here have a timezone. It is so important to me this is how much damage you do and how little I care about you.

    But shhh I'm a liar, dtw and a coward.

    Well the evidence dear just says that you are dreadful at this whole kaw thing.
    You can't win to save your life.
    You are totally irrelevant. But feel free to rant on. It amuses me.
    Not a lot. But a little. 

    Oh look even as I was typing you failed some more.

    Please I'm ticklish there. You are going to make me pee myself I'm soooooo scared.

    I think my conscience is clear dear. But again thank you.
    I couldn't have proved what a liar, idiot and coward you are without your help.
    I appreciate your being so willing to help me.
    Have a nice day. 
  16. optimal chump doesnt even hit back hes dtw right now.yet ive had inc from who im clan farm of ! keep buying them defence potions optimal . thats all thats saving you and you are selectively showing the fails and not the victorys. but thats ok. you can lie to the world but you cant lie to your conscience.no inc from optimal in 3 hours . yet ive have 8 inc from my other enemy . keep up with them essays .
  17. notice im hitting him so much obviously i hit him till hes dtw.then he selectively screenshots as if hes attacking me knowing i just hit him till hes dtw.
  18. ive had no inc from optimal for 2-3 hours .i hit him one army attack getting victory .then he goes dtw. whose he hitting to make him be dtw because it aint me or skinny.ohh yeah thats right the eb is getting his full attention.
  19. show the army victory screenshots cause ive got plenty on you. you needing to lie shows how much we bruising your ego.
  20. 4 army victorys before optimal chump goes dtw again.show that screenshot time id 13:34pm now optimal im u.k too.