kaw hitting mechanics

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  1. Should have maintained that reason, pal lmao.
  2. When did post count matter
  3. I'm playing on weaknesses here, it obviously offended goofy.
    Hence why he responded.
    It works all the time.
  4. Buddy you where upset like 5 pages ago....and you're still going :D
    You establish that this is a game, but keep throwing a tantrum cos you think Minny is "cheating"
    You're not fooling anyone...we can pretty much see for ourselves that Minny is pushing your buttons.
    You can scream, shout and berate her, jump up and down and tell us you aint phased, but no one's buying it...we just sittin here with popcorn watchin you go off your silly head at her, and shes sittin there giggling her silly head off at your rage :D
  5. LHL tags so your point is irrelevant.
  6.  offended? No. Gave me a laugh? Yeah. Fact that you think forum fame means anything speaks a lot about you.
  7. ^Yes because I didn't just openly admit that I was using it to bait you.

  8. .....Bahahahaha!!! I respect my clan owner, i like my clan, there for i support ;)
    Watta u got? Hyphens....cool brah, you go with that 
  9. Seriously people think an idiot like myself is upset. 
    Over this.
    Omg. I haven't laughed at someone so much in like ever on here.

    Do I think skinny is cheating?
    I think he is gutless.

    A self proclaimed kaw legend that does nothing but prove that on a game. It's actually possible to be a coward.

    Pushing my buttons. 
    Omg. You totally don't know me. Only one way to do that. And here's a hint. It ain't on here muppet.
    Now really folks if you're going to accuse people of getting upset over page after page of fails. And some idiot essentially farming themselves and wasting their time on here. Grow up.
    As long as roni keeps acting as my pr manager I'm going to enjoy trolling this legend 
    Omg a legend. On a phone.
    It's worse than reading a Mr man book.

    Mr legend in his own mind is a coward.
    Pins himself all day whilst I don't have to do anything. 
    Yup I'm devastated stated

    Grief. Where's kermit next. Too many muppets in forums these days
  10. That's not tue actually. I never called myself a legend. You did.

    You're clearly extremely upset as the last 6 pages show.

    Why don't you stop whining and start hitting back 
  11. OK I realise this was getting complicated for some.
    So hopefully this makes it simpler to understand.

  12. Ps. Tactical advice. Why would I waste my time trying to hit you?
    When you are perfectly capable of killing your own troops for me with the hundreds of fails.

    Tickle fight on kaw. 
  13. I don't think he can with that drop build of yours.
  14. Then he probably shouldn't hijack a thread and spend page after page trash talking me.

    Wouldn't you hit someone who repeatedly trash talks you also?
  15. Hijack a thread and trash talk you say.
    But of course my dear.
    Who insulted whom first.
    Or did you forget that other thread?
    Gotta suck when what you say comes back to bite you

    Oh and your other guide. The almost decent one. I told you, you forgot a vital part of the game.
    Welcome to your education on what you missed out

    Ps if you can't handle people calling you out on a gutless move.
    Don't post a thread saying you perform such gutless move. Cos it's going to get some idiot insulting you.

    I cannot help that in my worthless 3 years I have seen people pin. I have seen you insult players for being pure spies a " gutless build according to you" I have seen people self pin, I have seen people drop build to avoid being farmed. But never have I seen a player dedicate a build to actually avoid being hit in a war game.
    It's remarkable. Hansel, attack, hybrid, tower, pure spy And now the coward build.
    So remember dear Alison. Next time you troll someone, they may just turn out to be a pain in the ass like me. And it's going to hurt you far more than me.

    Also the point of farming someone.
    Is to hurt the other player more than yourself.

    Not to amuse the heck out of them, but thank you. I genuinely needed a laugh. And you have provided me with a huge one. 
    Cry havoc and let slip the ankle biters of kaw.
  16. optimal is active in the eb and dtw yet hit out from self pin when i scouted him . keep talking big optimal you scouted me back so obviously you are cowering from skinnyminny. keeping yourself self pinned in the eb to avoid being hit .
  17. Call in the cavalry. The poodle can't cope by himself.
    OMG time to get scared. The chihuahua is at it too now.
    What is a person to do with two kaw legends failing actions?

    I'm just so scared 
  18. optimal is a full time coward hes hitting out from self pin . big stats yet too scared to step out of the dtw safety net and fight as a man. What a chump.Dont insult me or my friend skinny because facts are we got more guts in our "small kingdoms " than you have size in your manhood.
  19. Believe me I once called skinny a "fat cow" and he?she? scout bombed me for days on end and declared him?her? would NEVER EVER stop hitting me lmao

    I would also say skinny is a kaw legion, give it some props as the biggest looser
  20. Self pinning and active in eb
    Cowardly dear.
    I hate to break it to you roni my dear.
    But the eb pays better and I just log in once an hour and offload full bars. So yup I'm self pinning.
    The hits on you. Yep your fail scouts scared me so much I pinned your spies for lols.
    A little hint. When you call someone worthless don't fail on them.
    Sorry the bulky mech and low troops prevented a few tickles coming your way. But the eb pays better than you. And you two aren't disrupting anything.
    You are just providing me entertainment on forums.
    Ps you are also doing a great PR job for me.
    So many following now laughing at you and skinny. You're going to force me to gain Legendary status 
    Like you. Omfg. That will be such a worthless achievement. I'll rank it up there with being toilet trained.