kaw hitting mechanics

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  1. Chaos you are being trolled and getting worked up about it.
  2. The very fact that you are getting worked up means you are playing into Skinny's game. As well as Roni. They live off of that hate like college kids live off of Raman noodles. As a spectator I always love to watch Skinny run a muck in Forums and get people worked up.

    Though, somedays, like today, I like to point out the obvious.
  3. When words evade them they can only retreat to using memes.

  4. I hate that someone reminded me of this.
  5. So as I was told this was skinny maybe this is roni.
    Either way

  6. Ok as roni just stated this on wc I had to laugh and comment.
    I am farming and provoking skinny to mooch off his fame. 

    I laughed so hard.
    So let's see. Skinny trolled me on another thread.
    Started attacking me when I made a, take it how you will comment on here 
    Must of hit a nerve there.

    And the only person carrying anything on is
    RONI. OH and a bunch of fails from famous Alison. Whom I somehow think I heard of somewhere once upon a time.

    And I'm leaching off their fame.

    Their fame on kaw.
    Im not going into how pathetic that comment is.
    Their fame at attempting to hit me.

    Then dropping build when I hit back something Alison has done for years apparently.

    And roni arguing like crazy how great Alison who is a bloke is so great. And I am in the wrong for being fail hit by him.

    Now call me picky.
    If both skinny and roni had ignored me no one would notice me.

    I would not be leaching from being hit by it if it were not hitting me.

    So the only person doing anything to make me famous ( is that even a thing here really omfg ) is roni and her mouth.
    And skinny for bothering with someone she he ( I gotta get used to that. You confused me with that tactic of being a girl on kaw while being a guy ) says is a waste of space leaching off him is of course.
    Well them.

    By their logic they want me to be famous. Or they would shut up stop being a pair of drama queens ( haha ok yeah that won't happen ) and go silently into the night.

    But I have to admit. I do like roni. She is a great pr person.
    I may even give her a job if I get famous as a result of their efforts.
    Otherwise back to the dark lonely world of Internet abyss alone in the world all unloved.

    Hang on wtf. I have a life. And this is soo much fun. Please make me famous roni. You are doing great. Haven't had this many follows since, well the last time I played like this on forums.

    Was this too long winded for you?
    Tldr. Roni for my pr assistant. 
  7. If you're so good at farming, why do you hit from dtw?
  8. Minnie knows I haven't read trust me Minnie knows
  9. Battle that question just ****** up ur question
  10.  u know so much about osw why hit from dtw  this game lmfao honest don't know what else to say just 
  11. Guys seriously?
    Optimal did 5 messages in a row.
    Magoo is doing 4.
    Why don't you just merge your responses into one comment instead of spamming?
  12. I didn't read optimal stupid pics my bad if I took attention of them maybe I be screwed up too
  13. Sorry optimal wally . i only PR people i respect and that aint you .
  14. Lolol sasuke talking about not spamming, how ironic.
  15. ^Irony is another kotfe player with less than 500 posts trying to play with the big boys. Come back when you're relevant ;)
  16. Yeah, 500 posts in forum for a reason. Relevant in forums? Is that any sort of accomplishment ?