kaw hitting mechanics

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  1. battle write from your main account on forums
  2. I rarely go on my main account anymore, I war on this account etc.

    No point, all I'll get is fail bombs anyway
  3.  roni dear. What have you been smoking?

    Please state where I said I caused skinny to adopt this build and use this tactic!

    You are obviously far too high or dumb to see that I called her out for being gutless using a build where you drop a build so the person you claim to be a t war with then cannot hit you.

    That when you put that guild back up to hit and immediately take inc and drop said guild to prevent being hit is gutless.

    That you are not warring with such a build.
    Fails non stop do not make legends.
    Hiding behind cowards mechs don't maintain reputations.
    As clearly seen. Skinny is a joke. The fail bomber that has to drop build before taking hits out of fear of being hit in a war game 

    It's pathetic. It used to be total cowardice to drop to pure spy. Then to drop build. And here we are.
    Your little friend who is a legend in your mind for tapping a button on a war game.
    Congratulations you and her life are now validated.
    You may proceed to whatever comes next for you because you have peaked.

    Oh and sweetie. Just so you know.
    My kaw rep That means nothing to me.
    This is an app on my phone, a game. There is nothing that anyone can say or do on here to make me a legend much less upset me.
    Rather unlike yourself for which I am very sorry for you.
    I do hope you find a better purpose to celebrate the meaning of life than being a kaw legend in your own mind.
    Skinny I'm sure will continue to derive pleasure being too scared to actually war with players and hiding behind mechs.
    Getting pleasure from being an untouchable kaw God.

    But again. My thanks. You have helped again demonstrate exactly how absurd players like skinny are. Exactly how flawed the hit ratios are.
    The devs won't fix them. But heck. At least it gives you something else to hide behind.
  4. optimal defect skinny doesnt need to impress chumps like you .skinnys fighting skills got her a place in Kotfe. Skinny has been in some of the best clans in kaw . you though no comment . you putting so much time and effort trying to insult skinny .when reality you wish that you had acceived all that skinny has . Skinny is in the kaw history books and wont be forgotten .What legacy have you left ? None so far . Minny puts what she has learned into writing guides to help others .What have you done to help others so far ? Nothing. All you do is try insult people . you have low esteem thats for sure. please write us another rap you so good .Do put it on the cypher thread 2016 .you will never ammount to anything close to Skinnys Legendary status But there is a chance you could become kaw cypher king 2016 . But i doubt youll do it its got some good competition on it. i'd say they would shrink you in size the minite on your first debut !!
  5. i doubt your main exists battle else you'd be on it.
  6. My main in KotFE Awakening? I just don't go on my main as much as I go on this account.
  7.  desperate to know a main yet say you know everything about me.

    This is a guide to help others?
    Hardly. This is how to turn kaw into cowards.

    Other guides of hers I have complimented when merited. Though that's just once.

    Kaw history. Omg there it is again. Your life is summed up by what you have done on kaw, so sorry for you.

    I'll let real life get my quality time dear.

    My threads and guides. Maybe you should have paid attention over the years.

    The big kaw clans. Yup been in quite a few actually, never cared for the players like you though. Sorry you are just not my type.

    Now as for what I crave. Because I started this?
    Erm nope that would be skinny dear trolling me in three other threads dear. And for posting this useless guide on how to be gutless.

    Hide in pin, hide behind pure spy. Hide behind drop build.
    Grief. What have I done. How about what I haven't done.
    I have never hidden from hits. I have never dropped build and been a coward. Something I didn't think was possible on a tap tap game until this thread came along.
    So the fact I have played the game fairly for fun as intended is far greater than anything a name dropping troll that can't fight for themselves as ever done.
    Pfffft teaching people how to run from a fight in a war game. Just teach em to be eb fairies. Far less dangerous than pretending to pvp.
  8. you aint too bright are you optimal .i wrote a seperate comment to ' battle ' asking for him to write with his main.
  9. chaos well you must be a full time coward because never once have we heard of you in a 1v1 or osw are any form of fighting .But you in full pursuit trying to lecture others .And my motto is " anything goes " it's a war game .ill do what ever it takes to come up on top . i didnt see you write any petitions when the guild hansel exploit for ee wars or the sos level 1 ee wars exploit was taking place .No because then you'd have to go against more than 1 person and argue and insult them that they are build droppers and cowards. You too scared to insult and take on more than one person.Why didnt you have a voice when the ee world was rocked by them big exploits? You didnt say one word yet you was here on kaw when they were happening .
  10. really yet your still writing with a alt. i doubt very much that you are in kotfe awakening .
  11. you claimed battle you only go on battle to do ee wars and you dont go on your Kotfe awakening account.Lol yet kotfe and apoc are in osw . You gave away how much of a coward you are . hiding on a alt yet too scared to be active on a osw account in kotfe. You lie too much coward battle.!!
  12. I still hit Last Rights and Zaft/Fury LOL.

    Don't believe my mains in kotfe? Wall me and I'll show you.

  13. You never heard of the omelette's

    Omg like you missed the funniest ever osw
    thread ever.
    That was a classic.
    And sorry you haven't met everyone in kaw dear. I'm sure you must make a point of trying to know everyone. But personally after what I heard and seen of you and skinny.
    I'd rather spend my time talking to less toxic people.

    You see I am rather fussy with my standards.
    And high class girls like you.
    Well, you tend to cost to cost too much and carry far too much of a health risk.
  14. Did you see they brought out a t shirt for people that need back up to fight.

    It just seems fitting to use that here
  15. you really do talk stupid optimal .one of my good friends was high up in the omets. was you a omet ?
  16. and your stupid meme is pathetic .me and skinny are known to take on the kaw world alone. unlike others who hide behind their clan.
  17. and optimal ive been playing kaw 3 years 9 months .im pretty clued up on most kaw things and Kaw members. You though are still a blank to me.
  18. Was I am omelette. OMG that's the funniest thing I have ever heard.
    Your ignorance just defies belief.

    Look I don't mind talking to stupid people.

    But arguing with your level of stupidity, I have to concede you will grind me down and beat me with experience everyday of the week.
    So I shan't waste my time responding to your posts with any more posts with actual effort that would be wasted on you.

    Future responses shall be in the form of memes that even you could understand. Hopefully.
    Ok maybe.
    I'll give you a maybe.

    Now go and crave more attention.
    I'm going to go and lmao at well everything about you. 

  19. Please inform me if that's too complex for you.