kaw hitting mechanics

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  1. Very amusing my dear. And an excellent example of how the mech works. 
    Now are you applauding it or protesting it. For now I'm confused.
  2. Dropped build the second you took incoming.
    Ok yep gutless and scared of taking incoming.
    Thanks for the demonstration that you can truly be a gutless drop build coward on a tap tap phone game.
    Truly that takes low to a new level of low 
    I so impressed. I started off complimenting you. And now applaud you for making starless alts making threats seem braver.
  3. Whatever. You just take your your hits and in time you will stop flapping your gums., just like yussei...

    And in time.. I may leave you alone.
  4. It seemed more like you were directing your rude comments toward her discreetly by using partial compliments.

    Like "That's a cool jacket, I used to have the same one... When I was 5". In this instance however, "What gutless, scum-sucking coward would use this exploit? I'm glad you found this and reporting this on Forums so the devs can see". Yet doesn't realise op uses this technique to pick on targets 5-10x her size. So I honestly don't see the cowardice in her actions.

    It really is quite noteworthy and I actually commend Skinny for using this exploit to bring war back into the game.
  5. Wow that was a lot of added words you out in there.
    Do you want to tell me what I am having for breakfast too?

    Please read my mind and tell me what I was thinking. Now.
    Ok now?
    Not gettin there. That's ok your not psychic.

    And skinny my hits. You mean those fails that then as soon as you take hits you drop build to hide from hits.
    Now you start your thread ridiculing the tactic and then use it to try and prove you are tough by dropping build every time you are taking hits.
    Now I'm sure I'll regret all those fails for complimenting your first post.
    I'm sure I'll never compliment you again for making a thread suggesting outlawing tactics you believe are ridiculous.
    Actually I'm sure I'll just ignore you posts because you make no sense at all.
    But that my dear is you problem.
    Perhaps make your other posts more concise.

    And geez I'm glad I didn't cry as much as you are now, when you called me a moron on another thread. I guess I'm not as delicately skinned as you whilst pretending to be tough on a tap tap game.
    Shame you made a good point that could have got players support and then trashed your point with all your bickering distracting from your point.

    So to clarify. Yes it's a poor tactic. As you first said that should be changed by the devs to prevent this type of cowardly game play.

    Is that what the intent of the thread was? I believe so. 
  6. From an alt? I've done it on my main too and all I got was fail scout bombs, you talk out of your arse lol.

    As for turning clans inside out, that's a lie if so why did she get bullied into dropping build?
  7. Another wrong statement, I don't know who Lonewolf or whatever the persons name is.

    Fix your grammar also.
  8. The truth is out there.
    The results of this wonderful tactic.

    Now first I was confused I was petrified.
    It seemed like all was lost as this player, a famous war vet in the world of kaw came into my life.

    This drop build tactic would destroy this game for me.

    And then events unfolded.
    Ninny struck first. And as I struck back she dropped build, scared of taking any hits in return.
    And then she did it again and wow yup two hits returned and dropped build.

    So much fear there is in this one.

    But when ones attacking potential has been reduced to this due to a worthless drop build tactic.

    One can actually understand why so much mouth and anger.
    Impotence in the face of the enemy may perhaps be the only legitimate reason for being completely gutless in a tap tap war game.

    Far too scared to receive incoming the minny must bury her head in shame. Fearing all incoming.

    But I guess when your ability to attack is this muted

    What can you do but shout how great you are and all the while prove the one thing that everyone never thought was truly possible.
    The former domain of gutless pure spies has been replaced. With the truest form of game cowardice ever.
    I have never laughed at such incompetence in three years on here.
    He'll even the omelettes had more "courage" than you.

    Omg I don't know whether to laugh more at the irony of the player using the tactic stating how ridiculous it is in their opening post.
    Or the fact it has finally been proven there is a way to play kaw as a true coward.

    Thank you minny. You really have made me laugh my ass off harder than ever this past year kaw wise.

    The only shame is I had a lot of respect for some members of the strippers club. And now you demean them with your presence
  9. I failed two steals(80-90%) on a 20m CS attack build with 500k Spy attack and defense.
    He had 0sdp and a horribly low BFE.

    Go figure. :lol:
  10. optimal chaos do stop your lies .skinny changed build long before she fighted you .it's so funny how nobody's try take the credit when they werent even on the scene. and battle you still insulting from a alt. anybody who is so badass lets their main do the talking.and when they been exposed the only thing they can reply is fix your grammer.
  11. "Fighted you" 
  12. and i have big 32mcs army accounts failing on me .there is always going to be times when theres a break in your defence .and i've got victorys on massive accounts thats a break in their defence.stats mean nothing . High stats or low stats can be put on hold if your determined and want to settle a grudge !
  13. @ optimal_chaos. You had 3 pots. Then 10, now 13. It doesn't matter. I'll burn through all those. It's not the first time and won't be the last. It's how noobs like you always react.

    Who you trying to impress anyway with your walls of text? And screen shots ?

    It's only been one day. 
  14. @ Optimal Chaos. Mate, Minny hits a lot of ppl. Ive supported her view on threads before and shes chucked an unload my way....again, its a war game. This will happen from time to time....because its a war game. She obviously enjoys hitting ppl :D

  15. I've trash talked her or should I say him? Also please tell me who's exposed me, I have nothing to be exposed for, please keep thinking I've been exposed.
  16. Lmfao. Oh dear everyone's the noob but you right?
    Shame you are so useless and irrelevant.

    Whoop look at me I can fail constantly on a build. I added the pots for giggles dear. 1 attack on eb and that's all your troops wasted costing you gold for two regens. Costs me next to nothing. So laugh on while you have zero affect on me. And achieve nothing but continue to prove how worthless you are.

    Every time you pop up and take hits you drop build.
    EVery time you don't take hits you then burn your troops for zero reward.
    Every time I log on I have full troops and spies dear.
    So carry on being a noob claiming your a vet at a tap tap game.

    Your not the only one to do this dance.
    Your just the one player that proved there is actually a way to be a gutless innifective waste of space on a tap tap phone game.
    So don't expect respect cod you aren't worth it.
    Enjoy proving what a waste of space you are.
    I'm loving it. 
  17. Wow she does. Yup and all consider her useless as well. Guess what. So do I.
    And this tactic proves it.

    But also, surprisingly she is not the only player to hit other players.
    It is the point of the game is it not.

    Or are we all supposed to just hit ebs and nothing else these days.
  18. What a foolish comment to make. Did you not read that op uses this tactic on all players.
    Meaning op is a worthless coward hiding behind mechs too scared to stand and fight in a war game.

    Used it before. Of course she has. Just proves how one player has proven that it is possible to be a coward on kaw.

    Excuse me for not being impressed. 
  19. Well all i see is you complaining about her tactics. For someone u see as useless, you sure giving her a lot of your time.

    ...and why yes, it is the point of the game,.so why belittle her and chuck a wobbly over it because she drops build?
    Wait for her to upgrade and hit back? Your build is obviously sufficient enough to fight back and defend her hits, so what im really saying here is, if shes not bothering you, why you here in her forum post trying to degrade her?
    She got to you didnt she? :D :D
  20. optimal defect its you who doesnt have a clue . skinnyminny is a all rounder and has excelled on the big stats scale and excels at the lower end also. you though are stuck in the dead zone aka never heard of or even known for excelling at any level of the game. Skinny doesnt need to use any bodys name to make a name for their self because did that years ago . you though are making false claims you had no effect on alisons build . i was in a osw with skinny against annihilation with the strippers club . you really dont have a clue all that skinny is caperble of .But keep chirping . it was true spartans that me and skinny fighted together. it was true spartans that were getting all aggravated and in a tizz about skinny hitting them 24/7. Keep acting the big shot .you may boost your self up ammong the pee wees but the big people on this game know whats what.and knows that when SkinnyMinny swoops in for the kill they really are LegendaryScarey .