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  1. u_k_Ow__ is just another leech .They have no other big account and is no more than 1-2 months playing kaw.All he is doing is bluffing with everything he writes.Your mind games failed even to ignite .Thats why hes running away now.
  2. Oh boy how I miss English... But I'll try my best.

    So do you deny finding my email then posting my name on forums letting you and others finding me on fb?, to which skinny and I made up for a time, because even he knew you went too far.

    It's fun circling around the same boat, but bottem line, I woke up to 28 messages on pal with your phone number and you demanding I to call it, and btw I was underaged the law doesn't care for months or years (I was 16 at the time and you was 19 give or take) you are a creepy perv.

    But anyways I'm glad you think there's nothing more to Kaw, since you know being a try hard tap tap warrior is so good and all as anyone who takes time off Kaw must because they are scared of a few hits :shock:

    Ps I didn't top up my pots cos there wasn't a point, you still failed with or without pots hunny bun do keep trying thou :*
  3. you are a big liar wolfie im 20 now that was 2 or more years ago .and you did 3 forum threads about me with screenshots. when i went to read what else youd wrote about me. them screenshots were missing and leaving your photobucket on the threads written comments that you had pasted. i wrote to you to delete them because weirdos can get your personal info. i told you and warned you this as a friend. but you tryed lie and slander me instead and try pretend and turn it into something else. This shows what scum and a low life you are. but thats ok you are known for deserting and running away from crackdown osw against blackhand.You are a osw war chicken and a big liar. everybody knows this of you.just watching now in worldchat people dont care for you here no more.even rikkimaru said go back to smash .
  4. wolfie lies non stop everyone used to see you say that i am a man and all you did was ronald mc donald name calling . i proved that i am female and you kept ringing me like a obsessed creepy oddball . you obviously are hurting that you need to lie so much.
  5. Roni vs woifie(balto)

    <I>Taking bets</I>
  6. uk age is 16 so do quit your lies
  7. thats not balto its wolfie. balto just did a joke clone of wolfies screenname.
  8. Now of course after a whole day of incoming

    Ok so I thought she had grown up.
    What was I thinking?

    Oooh look devastating damage. Whatever am I to do.

    What caused that devastating damage.

    Now I'm sure you will call those screenshots lies.
    They must be entirely edited to suit my purpose.

    Any excuse right.

    But lets be relevant.
    After your revelations about how you treated wolfie, I frankly am disgusted by you.

    You are everything that is wrong with this game.
    You take something that is a social game aimed at children and adults alike.
    Then twist it into your own demented world.
    You prey upon who you deem to be vulnerable

    Just because the legal age of consent is 16, THAT has NOTHING to do with kaw.
    That is in no way appropriate for this game.

    You have no right what so ever to pursue a person outside of kaw.
    Players of consenting age in both their countries can if they so choose decide to pursue a relationship outside of kaw.
    But it is not a valid war tactic.
    Your behaviour is beyond anything acceptable in the game.

    Due to this revelation that you stalk and harass players outside of kaw means that I will no longer joke about this subject or raise awareness of you.
    If evidence of these transgressions have been submitted to ata I would hope that they would ban you for what you are.
    And any other player that behaves in such a manor.
  9. reporting both wolfie and optimal defect for lies and slander . wolfie is a moron i been fighting with him for years. although i hate him on the game i told him that info as a friend.The fact that hed try slander and lie about me shows what vermin he is. and he aint even my type . i never flirt with any one on kaw.and if someone has always been nasty to me why would i want him in real life. use your brains. the fact that the weirdo needs to slander and lie about me proves he is just upset i beat him in our 1v1 . You are both being reported for slander and lies .

  10. Please tell me where I post one lie or slander statement.
    As usual you have proven you are the one lying. So fester in your lies and the reputation you have created for yourself.
    Hopefully kaw will review this and finally someone can shut you up.
    It won't be me because this is my last post. But the whole thread is ss so enjoy the mess you made for yourself. Keep on crying.
  11. keep trying to twist words optimal wally . you just showed what a complete low life and weirdo you are . and its you who has no life and are creepy as hell
  12. why are 90% of ronis insults names of animals?
  13. optimal is just upset he was exposed in all his lies last night by the screenshots i pasted.Wolfie is another butthurt liar who got beaten in a 1v1 3 years ago . well wolfie cryed to 3 other people for help . When they get beaten in a game they make up lies to defame and slander someones character .Because their ego took a bashing. and poor optimal is trying his best to rally lots of backup against me because just like woifie they are both useless on their own . But as i stated before you can lie to the world but you cant lie to your conscience. Both these 2 creeps are full time liars for being beat by a girl haha.Truth will emerge i know that so keep up your lies .
  14. why do you yussei like a Leech feed on everything i say ?