kaw hitting mechanics

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  1. bumped for my friend to read
  2. How can you work mechanics out? All you do is fail bomb
  3. Considering they have close to 10k post probably not..
  4. Aha yeah, this is hilariously true..
  5. being failbombed still leaves a big impact on the enemy . i know that because im clan farm right now.it wipes your bars out leaving you useless.
  6. this is lonewolf under a new screenname.the creepy one who tryed follow me into the strippers club .
  7. What's The Strippers Club? This accounts new and the only clan I've been in is Silver Gladiators & for a new name? My old name was -_-BaTTLe-_-

    Besides, why would I 'follow' a guy who pretends to be a girl into the strippers club? Minny tries to farm this and my main account but still fails
  8. Wow skinny shows you the way of the drop build life. Must've taken her years to figure that out.
  9. Don't be jelly. This is super cool.
    What's the bird looking building?
  10. yet you are only brave to insult skinny from a alt how hardcore of you. and ive fighted along side with minny against a clan .i know how she flips them inside out .because i was reading them all crying in their 3rd party app room about skinny. so really what you say and what is the truth is another thing.
  11. t3 balanced i think
  12. and im not a guy im female and all kaw knows this . you are lonewolf but keep up your pretence
  13. Ok I have to thank skinny for this. I always believed hiding behind mechs was the lowest form of cowardice on kaw.
    This drop build method really is a master class in showing
    1 how pathetic the current hit ranges are.
    And how it is actually possible to be a total coward hiding on a war game.

    What's the point of playing if your too scared to take hits.
    Thanks skinny for raising the serious issue to our and hopefully the developers attention.
    Hopefully this can be resolved post haste. And block this gutless move from ever becoming a thing.
  14. War isnt fair. It never will be. This is just another tactic someone has taken the time to figure out. Even if you change the game mechanics, there is always a way to take advantage of it, or find a loop hole.
    If you do, well done ;) Thats what war is all about.

    Just dont give away all the tips and tricks Minny :D
  15. I'm scared to take hits, yet I've taken 4x the hits you have.

    This guy is exactly what I love most about kaw. Butthurt 
  16. Did I say you were scared ?
    I thanked you for posting how absurd this is and that I agree with your opinion that's it's ridiculous it's allowed to happen.
    I didn't not accuse you of using this tactic did I ?
    I thought you were making us and devs aware that this ridiculous feature exists and that it should be corrected.
    If you are saying you use it I stand corrected and withdraw my compliment for making people aware of using such an absurd mech.

    Now quite how complimenting a player makes one butt hurt is erm perhaps my understanding, but blame the meds dear I am hardly focusing.

    Please write butthurt jokes on the appropriate butthurt report form. I shall be glad to review and submit form to the relevant people later.

    Any way I would say happy kawing. But I fear that you may take that as an insult too.
  17. Yeah you did say he was scared actually
  18. Actually if you read my statement you would see that I accused anyone of using this a coward.

    And I stated that at a time when I believed skinny was demonstrating what a ludicrous flaw this was and that it should be scrapped due to what she had described.
    From a player objecting to the build and mech being available and asking for it to be removed. Why would I then assume that the op is using the very tactic that she is complaining about?

    That would seem a tad absurd to me.
    But hey ho. If your going to complain about a tactic you use and say the devs should fix hit ranges. Then I guess someone's going to say something that offends sooner than later.
  19. I'm sorry optimal whatever. You seem to be doing a lot of yammering to try disguise your butthurt.

    Whatever though. You clearly know what you're talking about even if nobody else does.
  20. Optimal_chaos 11/11/3 atk p 