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  1. Hello. Sorry I've only recently been allowed back To forum from a one year ban, so I'm a little forum junkie at this time.

    Anyway. I want to show for anyone who is interested in the intricacies of the hitting mechanism, how skewed it is, or how advantageous it can be for those who like that kind of thing.

    Traditionally. The hitting mech worked so that you could could hit or be hit by a player 5x bigger or smaller than your current stats.

    That worked well enough 4 years or so ago when there were only low lands and high lands and a crabby bunch of buildings to choose from.

    That doesn't work now.

    A 10 mil Cs player can be whacked by a 50 mil Cs player which is ridiculous. Basically you can be hit by a player that you can't even successfully scout using full pots and mith.

    That's not good for any one. Especially you if you are the smaller guy in that exchange.

    Worse. There are kingdoms like mine.

    This is what my lowlands look like...


    If I try to hit for example here. Cynderstryke. This is what happens


    I can't. He is to big..

    But. If I build just one lousy level 3 guild in the top middle which I keep empty.




    He is open for me to scout, hit, steal etc.

    Then I simply sell the guild and he can't even scout me.

    Regen and repeat. There is not a damn thing a player can do to stop you except use alts or call others etc.

    The point being. You can essentially work your build back to any size that is just a minor guild between being to small to hit and not being to small to hit.

    Sorry if this is long or well known information. I thought I'd share it for interests sake.

    For what it's worth. My god it can be fun hitting big guys who's only option is to farm your wall while you decimate their troops, spies and gold.

    Developers probably need a new equation for both ends of the hitting mech spectrum in modern kaw, as the old one is seriously skewed and redundant.
  2. Wow. What a badass, pity you stopped hitting me after 3 unloads. :lol:
  3. You're too polite apologising if it's common knowledge, trolls would tear you apart.

    We need more innocent forumers like this...

    So we can't turn them into evil, twisted argumentative jerks :cool:
  4. Lol. You new to forums?
  5. :shock: sumbody found me in wc
  6. I see you charged your phone a bit Alison :)
  7. Or Dave or Andrew whatever your name is.
  8. .....or they can sell 1 building too.
  9. This
  10. Or slightly lower their BFA...
  11. Deni. They could sell a building also as you say except, at their size they don't have guilds. Building and selling a level 3 guild cost about 79 mil. Nobody will sell and buy anything bigger regen after regen day after day. It's way to costly
  12. Please refer to time shown and battery percentage...

    I think the other guy is right.
  13. Unless they are in the middle of changing builds anyways. Or unless they really just don't care about selling a building. A lot of people value PVP over personal growth sooo.

    Also, isn't EQ taken into account with that standpoint? And they could just drop some EQ? Or is that just not included in PVP mechs as much?
  14. Equipment doesn't effect the hitting mechs in pvp.
  15. How many times did Alison use this on larger builds and they'd come to forums completely flummoxed?
    It was hilarious. And Alison was among the best at trash talk too.
  16. You went ahead of me in creating this thread addressing this particular issue, thank you so much for bringing it up.

    Devs really need to fix these mechanics along with all the new builds being launched. I've been hitting a target slightly smaller than me, 8 sdp, evident lower bfe than me, and I fail like crazy, even fully mithed and full pots, while sometimes I don't fail a single hit against bigger players than me.

    This gets frustrating with time.
  17. This is right. Allies do have an effect, but it is minor. It just means you have one or 2 less guilds or 1 or 2 more.

    Equipment has zero effect whether on or off
  18. Welcome back to forums, Skinny. Its nice to see these threads that help understand the advantages of lower stats brackets.
  19. Hit range is counted by what kaw calculates as "raw stats, bfa and stats on your account.
    Bfe and pots will not affect hit range.
    Why a gh or similar with good bfe can roll over a build at the top of its range without much effort, if the bfe is allot better.
  20. Coming from the build dropper...