KaW Gym Go'ers? Are They Real?

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  1. I was wondering how many other kaw members go to the gym on a daily basis. And also their reason for going. I started at 5'11 and basically 300 pounds and currently at 250 pounds but still not at my goal. Want to get to 195. Haven't checked my height but I think I'm still the same, even tho told other wise. Hope to see others who kaw and gym as well.
  2. KaW is a tap and go game. Id be surprised if the porportion of KaW players who go to the gym is any different from the proportion of people in their demographic who go to the gym.
  3. This is a pointless post. KAW players are made up of a wide range of people. You are humble bragging about your weight loss, fishing for compliments.
  4. I gym.  just trying to not get fatter. Lol. Plus it makes me feel good thru the rest of the day. Keep it up op.
  5. So true
  6. Yea I'm a gym kawer so far 250 trying to go down 200 and I'm 5'8 I only kaw in the gym during accessories or the dreader leg day lol.
  7. I hit the gym everyday! I was wondering the same thing haha
  8. I'm about to go take take on Brock at the Pewter City Gym!

    In all seriousness, yeah, but not every day, more like every other
  9. Do you tape device to barbell as you bench press then nearly drop it on your neck in panic when hte item phase pops up ?
  10. Well I mean I did post also asking as to why you go to the gym and I put my reason. As some people go to maintain weight, lose weight or to gain muscle. I do not actually fish for compliments but I could see how it's seen that way.
  11. I'd wager the percentage of kawers that go to the gym regularly is slightly less than whatever the avg percentage is.
    Congratulations on your weight loss! Consistency is key. those that have never struggled can never understand, I'm a former fatty and have to battle every day to not look like what ate gilbert grape.
    Ignore the haters, I encourage everyone reading this to put down the phone or keyboard and go run a mile, post your times 
  12. I'm curious to know in what ways you've changed your diet, if you have at all. I'm finding it difficult to stick to healthier foods. I had to drop a bit of weight myself a few years ago, so maybe I was more motivated to stick to it back then.
  13. Used to go to the gym when younger to train for competition and work related.
    5 days a week 2-3 hours a day.

    Since an injury put a stop to that, I have missed it everyday.
    I can still minimally train, but for anyone considering joining a gym.
    Nothing feels better than feeling good about yourself.
    The confidence and self belief as you achieve targets sets you up in a positive mindset for everything in life.

    Maybe don't go as full on as I did.
    But it's worth every second you spend at the gym, and the benefits to the rest of your life will fall into place.

    There are actually quite a few on here that go to the gym so don't ever feel the need to keep quiet about it.
    Best wishes and keep up the good work.
    Support is always there for people who look for it.
  14. I just completely cut fast food and been eating home made. And there's actually a great app I can refer you to that helps dudes who are trying to lose weight or gain muscle be able to do it by a meal prep that changes weekly. But not sure wether your a man or woman. But I have been looking more into the science behind it all. You get more progress off of working out then eating but if for some reason not possible then dieting can still get you there.
  15. What injury was it? Just curious. I have basically the same routine. Working out 5 days a week 2-3 hours and some walking during the weekends. Even thou my job has me walking about 5 miles a day. I've been packing on a good amount of muscle while cutting weight. Sometimes I'll look slimmer but same weight range.
  16. Woman. Lol sorry should have mentioned before. But yes I have the over eating and eating bad food problem. I do mostly lifting so I can usually manage to keep the same shape. Lately not though.
  17. Cutting the fast food. Think that would help me drop 5/10lbs easy.  why can't I have the will powah? Hmm. Could you give me the name of the app? I'd like to take a look at it.