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  1. So I was speaking to a friend about "the good old days" bla bla the usual reminiscing.

    And almost everyone's played runescape back in the day right? Biggest game ever, so many memories. And now apparently it has a new game mode which got me thinking, it would be insane on kaw. Basically it's a deadman mode where everyone starts off a fresh season with nothing, no items, no skills, and it's pvp everywhere, last man standing at the end of the season tournament.

    This game mode would be so great for kaw. Obviously you'd need two servers, as all the cash players certainly wouldn't be happy about losing their lb spot.. But a second server where you start fresh every season and it's a race to build up and fight, no epic battles..

    Thoughts... Hmmmm
  2. So basically a new secondary server reverted to a previous but stable kaw version?

    That would be interesting.
  3. You're only allowed to build stables.. No guilds allowed, spy's ruined this game..

    True story
  4. Yup. Complete start again, maybe up to highland lands only. Find a way to intergrate equipment drops through battle list or by completing the achievements such as 1000 attacks, 1000 assassinations.
  5. I say let kaw die and wait till ata makes kaw 2 
  6. Only if they bring back the original lady...

  7. Ew she's ugly
  8. I proposed this years ago lol. No go.
  9. Deadman mode for kaw

    -no spies
    -no plunder bonus cap
    -no clans
    -no mith
    -only 2 tiers of pots

    Full scale original kaw.
  10. Yessssss

  11. "Only if you bring back my original girlfriend"

    ^Fixed that for you
  12. And only if pwars can't be started (also oaf)
  13. They wouldn't be able to. As I've said, it'd be like a seasonal reset thing. So by the time you've got an alternative account, especially a spy build, to a decent size using the battle list, you probably wouldn't have much time left before everything resets once you take into account you'd be getting hit from other sources
  14. Full support, i've done this on a split server iphone/droid mmo b4 but the win was based on total individual prestige earned after the alotted time instead of an elimination system but either system sounds fun to me. You could even open up a new server particularly for these tournaments so it doesn't affect the flow of the game too much for those who are not particpating & have rewards given to our normal server accts after the tournament ends & that server closes again...limited time tournaments i mean rather than a whole other server running constantly.
  15. No support. I like the idea of moving into the future, not reliving the past! This is Fallout 4, not Pac Man. Ijs. Lol.
  16. #BringBackTheBunchies

  17. Future of what? This game clearly hasn't been modernised for a very long time when compared to other apps.

    Just because there's less buildings and lands, doesn't mean you can't make it more complicated.
  18. erm, how about the reset button?
  19. Doesn't work anymore you big goof.