KaW from before to now?

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  1. Howdy players of the kawmunity.

    I am just here to ask about when did you guys started to play this game and other nooby questions.

    What made you played this game for longer?
    (How long)

    When will you retire from this game?

    How can you compare the players from before and now?

    Why is world chat still filled with advertisement unlike before?

    Why am I still playing this game although I decided to quit 1month ago ?

    -For the Devs-

    Pst- if you don't care then no1currs.
  3. World chat filled with advs unlike before? Dream on. There's no more ads than used to be 3-4 years ago. The only difference is that back then plunder wars was advertised instead today'd epic battles.
  4. Interesting. I did not know that it was possible for a question to contradict itself.
  5. I think there is a lot less clan loyalty than there used to be. A couple of years ago people didn't clan hop as much as they do now (from what I remember). And no, there have ALWAYS been ads in wc.that's why they limit speakers to 5 per day
  6. clan loyalty is the same. You stay because a clan is your family. Always been like this. if you leave for hte you never were loyal to your clan.
  7. Clan loyalty?

    What about loyalty to self?
  8. Can't really decide when to retire from kaw. you'd still be playing three years after your retirement thread : D
  9. Making new friends and helping out the players in-game, of course! There's a lot more players to come in future!

    Also, I'm always looking forward to seeing the newer generation of players shine in game and in forums!

    I will never retire, and I see no reason to ever retire from this game!

    I believe most of the players who sends eb advertisements in WC for a reason! Mainly, they want to build up their clan stronger!
  10. I watched a video on this, the reason law is still alive is the social aspect of the game.
  11. ^I didn't know this game had any impact on law....? Does the judge and police department play kaw too?
  12. Yes, but instead of being blue they are green
  13. Also the cheerleaders are blue?
  14. We prefer senior citizens
  15. Ummmm...clan loyalty? No clan hop? Really? Do you remember the hit and run rule? People unloading on osf/oaf and then regenerating outside of clan?
  16. Cheerleader
  17. Let's do away with the current clan style, let's have it so anyone can simply hit the eb a clan is running and join the clan if they wish without acceptance required. By this I mean there is no admin and no door and certainly no booting.. I think this would not only be beneficial to kaw but also hilarious.
  18. Please! Seasoned professionals
  19. Moody please cheer louder :)

    Give me a K

    Give me an A

    Give me a W